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100 Ways to Help Others: Share This Powerful New Book


By Elizabeth

What’s the connection between meditation, journaling, and healthy eating…?

And launching a dream business with my sister… losing 100 pounds and keeping it off by living a super healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle… and manifesting amazing relationships and seemingly miraculous opportunities?


Now I’m on a mission to share how I do it–by teaching and discussion the transformative powers of a spirit-centered lifestyle… on 100 podcasts across America.

I’m talking about the wild experiences, fantastical meditations, and lessons that can help you–all of which I write about in my new book, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life by Elizabeth Ann Atkins.

The energy of the universe is so powerful that–as I was making my list of my 100 most desired podcasts–other podcasters invited me for interviews!

This includes PulseBeat Media PulseBeat Podcast Live. Host Greg Dunmore didn’t even know I was on this quest.  Nor did Leisa Peterson of The Art of Abundance podcast!

It’s called the power of intention–a central theme in my teachings about how to manifest your heart’s greatest desires through meditation and journaling.

It can help you heal your mind and body… end wrong relationships and attract amazing new ones… and draw incredible new opportunities into your life.

Even better, these experiences pop up–seemingly out of the blue!

They feel like miracles, but they are actually the results when you activate the cosmic power within yourself through the meditation and journaling techniques that I use and am now teaching.

For me, these miraculous occurrences include:

1) Becoming co-host of an award-winning, weekly TV show;

2) Attracting the romantic partner of my dreams;

3) Winning a full year’s tuition for my son’s private school; and

4) Landing two roles as an actress in globally-celebrated movies, including a great role for my son.

On top of fall that, the meditation and journaling techniques that I teach can help you “know” information that feels psychic, and can help guide you for decision-making, staying safe, and living your most desirable life.

So… if you host a podcast, or if you know someone who does, or if you’d like to pitch me for a particular podcast, or suggest one that I should contact…

My goal for being on 100 podcasts is to discover disparate and diverse hosts and their audiences, all of whom can benefit from my messages. In a world where we are rarely disconnected from our devices, one way to boost ourselves is through our podcast subscriptions.

If you know of a podcast host who would love to enlighten his or her audience, please do help me on this quest to share this life-changing information in a fun, high-energy, and impactful way.

In the infinite cycle of give-and-receive, sow-and-reap, the Universe will sparkle blessings back on you for your kindness in helping me achieve my divine life assignment.

And that is to teach people everywhere how to live better by tapping into the infinite power that’s already within themselves.

For now, here’s a big burst of immense gratitude…

Now let’s get this podcast party started!

© 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins