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It's Here: November Writing Contest!

Welcome to our Second Monthly Two Sisters Writing Contest! 

In honor of the days growing shorter, this month’s contest focuses on short fiction of 800-1,000 words. And in honor of Thanksgiving, we need a bit of thanks in the dialogue. Just a little. 

We’ll have more winners this month and more opportunities for your story to be posted on our website and featured in our first anthology.

Briefly, the two key elements about this month’s contest: Your setting must be a workplace that’s relevant to the story. And your story must include “Thank you” in the dialogue at least once.

So in summary:

1. Mandatory setting. Your story must be set in a workplace, as in a place where work is conducted. That workplace must operate as a character and/or function as a relevant piece of the story. You can choose any workplace, including but not limited to an office, a store (department, grocery, hardware), a TV/radio station, a library, a farm, a bank, a showroom, a gallery, a manufacturing plant, a car dealership, an oil change place, a coal mine, a brewery, a distillery, a salon, a studio, a dock, a hospital, a butchery, a bakery, or a candlestick-makery. You choose.

2. Mandatory dialogue: Someone or something in your story must say, “Thank you."

The November contest will have four winners, and all four winners will receive a prize of $75. All winners will be featured on our website for a month; and all winning stories will be included in the First Annual Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Anthology of Fresh Writers, which we aim to publish in December 2017.