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Smoothie So Good

Smoothie So Good


Elizabeth’s most recent post about her green drink inspired me to get my smoothie groove back.

Sometimes I lose interest in smoothies when cold weather comes, as was the case last winter. 

I am a smoothie person. My sister is a green drink person. This is one of the many examples why we think we’re twins separated at birth by a year and six days. Externally, we are like day and night—she’s tall and blonde; I’m short and brunette; she loves the hustle-bustle of the city and I love that my state ranks 45th in population density. Yet at our core, we are unmistakably identical.

Even though our motivation for the green drink/smoothie is similar (lasting brain fuel!), I get off the smoothie train because I have a tendency to destroy blenders, Ninjas, Nutribullets, etc. Just this morning, I said a tiny blender prayer for my new Ninja’s motor. My sister’s Nutribullet has been powering through her ingredients twice daily for years!

I also get bored with my ingredients. I generally have some combination of frozen blueberries, a banana, Greek yogurt or soy/almond milk. Sometimes something green or orange. Maybe this boredom would not occur if I followed Elizabeth’s green drink regime. I did buy her ingredients so I can make myself one of hers in the next few days, but I mostly stocked up on smoothie stuff.

I found an inspiring list of ingredients from Detox Diet Week. I must admit that as a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, when I see the word diet, I run the other way. A diet is an unnatural concept for me; it’s a four-letter word that has led me down many restricted, all-or-nothing paths. However, this morning I followed the link.

The woman who runs the site with the detoxing smoothie recipes is Audrey Johns. Her smoothie ingredients were creative and motivating, so I used them to make my grocery list. I was doubly suspending disbelief as her “diet” was all about a week-long cleanse, another thing my everything-in-moderation mentality prevents me from fully embracing. My mejor amiga (my Spanish version of BFF) is a rockstar at cleanses—I could perhaps learn a thing or two from her.

And so… Today's smoothie has left me with the ineffable taste of arugula (my favorite leafy green) and heat from the ginger. Yum. Who knows what I’ll put in tomorrow’s smoothie… And just like that, I’m back on the smoothie train!

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