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We're Having A Writing Contest!


Before I started grad school in San Francisco, I entered contests to get my short stories out into the world. After graduation, I tried to find an agent to publish my two young adult novels. Nobody bit, so I sent Veronica on a vacation.

Twenty years later, Veronica and her friends are on their way to re-emerging into a completely different world.

I still remember the joy of putting a short story in a 9” x 12” envelope; consulting my Writer’s Market to see how much postage was needed for X-number of pages; affixing said appropriate postage; and making the trek (I had no car; it was San Francisco) to the Post Office. A thrilling process!

In those days, I was a secretary by day for a marine cargo surveying company (because it was San Francisco, so of course I worked in the shipping industry!) and a writer seeking publication during every other waking minute of my life. I sought a single qualification in a contest: free. Okay, maybe I also looked for non-sci-fi/fantasy, but more on that another time.

When I thought I had a chance at winning a contest, I’d break open my piggy bank and send in a $5 fee, but that was my limit in the 1990s.

Other than a couple of stories published where the payment was a copy of the staple-bound “magazine,” I wasn’t winning as much as I was writing.

Elizabeth and I constantly run into writers with great stories, both fiction and nonfiction—and no cash to publish. Lots of people survive and triumph journeys to hell and back, people very recently back on their feet, and no bank account—yet.

So we figured out a way to get those stories out to the world for the mere cost of an entrance fee to cover the purse. We will run monthly contests!

In the spirit of Napoleon Hill, who said “A goal is a dream with a deadline,” our goal is then to compile 12-15 winners over 12 months and create an anthology, which Two Sisters will then publish, making all of our contest winner published authors! That’s us: two sisters writing and publishing!

Winning stories will be posted on our website each month.

Stay tuned! We will be announcing details of the contest shortly.

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