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Heaping helpings of romance, race, and reasons for writing were served up with a delicious dinner at the upscale Detroit Golf Club as I joined the seven fascinating ladies of the Bookies book club last week.  At the invitation of hostess extraordinaire and dear family friend Pat Fisher, I spoke about my writing career and answered questions about my books. 

They loved the romantic suspense in White Chocolate, my first novel, and Dark Secret, my second novel, and they were intrigued by how I weave my insights as a multiracial woman and journalist into the tangled twists of my character's scandal-filled lives.  They also praised how my books showcase the "profound" intersection of racial issues in current events through the lives of men and women who execute aggressive agendas to get their way in matters of the heart as well as money and power. 

When I began writing White Chocolate back in 1993, I had no idea what a tremendous joy it would be to attend book club meetings.  After so much time alone writing and creating stories, it was almost bewildering to sit and listen to people debate my characters' motivations and actions — as if the people spawned by my imagination are actually real!  I was giddy with awe, and overwhelmed with gratitude that my passion for writing was inspiring such spirited experiences for all of us.

Since then, book clubs have delighted me with such personalized touches as dinners inspired by my characters' meals, a White Chocolate cake, and invitations showcasing the book cover design.  

It was especially exciting for my dear friend Ormandy Singleton to read White Chocolate, ask her friends to read it, and then convene a meeting with me to discuss it.  That began our book club, which proceeded to read all of my books, host Christmas parties, and have a lively meeting after many years apart last summer in a beautiful home during an outdoor barbecue featuring grilled salmon and exotic salads.  

Book clubs also provide an invaluable sisterhood for socializing, comfort and affirmation.  Conversations about characters and plots always evolve into personal testimonials about love, life, loss and longing for the kinds of dreams that come true on the pages of books.   

Over the years, I have had especially great times with book clubs hosted by teachers, police officers, Delta Sigma Theta sorority members, Rawsistas, and many more.

So I want to send a giant THANK YOU to Pat Fisher, Ormandy Singleton, and every book club member who has ever welcomed me into your homes, restaurants and other venues to indulge dialogue about my books.  You are each a tremendous blessing!  Please stay tuned for the many sizzlin' hot novels that I will be publishing for you in the near future!

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