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I am obsessed with all matters of the heart.

The magic of romance.

The euphoria of love.

Electrifying lust.



Monogamy, or the lack thereof.

The possibility of polyamory.

And the spiritual affinity that sparks when two souls recognize each other with an attraction that defies time, space, and rational comprehension.

Love is baffling, beautiful, and often beyond words.

As such, its infinite dimensions fascinate me all day and into the night.


Maybe I should have become a psychologist, specializing in relationships.

Because a million questions and theories about love are simultaneously enchanting and assailing my mind.

Sometimes they make my heart soar; other times they make my heart ache.  Sometimes they rouse a sizzling sensation through my entire being; other times they make me cringe.

Since I’m not a psychologist, I can’t psychoanalyze these feelings.

But I can write about them!

Being a journalist and author provides the skills to wrap words around the sensory extravaganza of romance and relationships.   

I did that with my first three novels:  White Chocolate, Dark Secret, and Twilight (co-authored with Billy Dee Williams).

And I’m doing that in The Husbands, Incorporated trilogy — about women eagerly seeking the passion and pleasure of partnerships after profound disappointments in relationships and marriages.  I’m re-releasing Book 1 with a new cover, followed by Books 2 and 3.

These provocative books were borne of my viewpoints about marriage, monogamy, and the universal quest for true love.

You know, the kind of soul-deep, ‘til-death-do-us-part bond exemplified by the final scene in Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook.  The wife dies, the husband lies on the bed beside her, closes his eyes, and joins her in heaven.

True love is heaven on earth.

It is an impenetrable dimension where life flows in perfect synchronicity because the magical energy sparked by the union of two souls magnetizes more love, abundance, amazing opportunities, harmony, and serendipitous circumstances that intensify the core bliss exponentially.

It is mind-blowing.

Then why is it so difficult to find — and keep?

Why are so many people seeking, wishing, and wanting… and so few ever get it?  And why do so many who receive this gift, lose it?

The reasons are vast, and my obsession with all matters of the heart is keeping my fingertips dancing over this keyboard to bring new questions and theories to YOU through blog posts and books.

The goal is to inspire you to think about life’s most beautiful gift — love! — in a new way, so you can become the person who will attract a more amazing relationship than you can even imagine.

So let’s dive deep into all that it means to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better or for worse.

Welcome to your new hotspot for literary explosions of love!


©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins