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Bigger and better!

That’s the verdict on my new NutriBullet Rx.

It replaced my regular NutriBullet after it konked out earlier this month.

As I wrote in a recent post, I panicked during NutriBullet breakdown, because I’ve been drinking two kale smoothies every day for years!  This nutritional blast fuels my energy every day to write, work out, and stay super healthy.

It’s not something I ever want to skip.

But, turns out, the busted blender was a blessing in disguise.

Because the NutriBullet Rx is amazing!

It’s huge, powerful, and “fueled by 1700 watts of Smart Technology” which makes it “the world’s most powerful nutrient extractor,” according to the NutriBullet Rx website.

It feels super durable so I won’t kill it like I’ve done two so far.  Plus, it comes with a giant cup that makes double the amount of smoothie as the old one.  Rather than press down and turn to activate the blender blades, you push a button on the side.  And rather than little plastic tabs (which I’ve broken off) that activate the motor when you turn the cup, it has industrial-looking grooves that securely hold the cup.

I’m not trying to do an infomercial here, but if you’re kicking off 2017 in a healthier way, and you want to add green drinks to your daily regimen, then you may be wondering what kind of blender to buy.

This is it!

The “Rx” in the name, which is shorthand for “prescription,” reminds me of the philosophy that I live by:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who is known as the Father of Modern Medicine.

I eat for nutrition, energy, and mental clarity — while enjoying foods that I love:  salmon, bananas, mangoes, blueberries, olive oil, coconut oil, cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and lots of vegetables.  I eat these same foods every day, especially while writing, because they guarantee excellent brainpower and physical stamina, while keeping my blood sugar levels steady and thus preventing energy dips.

Every morning, I chug a tall green drink with my coffee, and it revs my brain into overdrive.  I usually have the second one mid-afternoon.

The advantage of green drinks is that first of all, you’ll get a “buzz” from the jolt of nutrients.  It’s like drinking sunshine, because the green leaves absorbed the sun as they grew, and green vegetables are some of the highest vibrational foods you can consume.  This heightens your spirituality and bolsters your intuition.

Need more reasons to add green drinks to your day?

  • It’s much easier to drink a glass of liquefied vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and all the great ingredients you can toss into your smoothies.
  • Nutritionists say that our bodies more easily and efficiently absorb the nutrients in pureed food.
  • You can experiment with the ingredients and follow recipes that taste delicious.
  • Green smoothies – especially if you add hunger-killing healthy fat like avocado, nuts, and seeds – can serve as meal replacements or tide you over until the next meal.
  • You can personalize the taste.  For example, my dear friend is hooked, after discovering that Sriracha is the secret sauce to spice up smoothies made with kale, avocado, cilantro, and spinach.

Oh, and if you think it’s too expensive to buy all the ingredients for the drink, think about the price of prescription medicine for the diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions and diseases that result when we don’t get pro-active about our health early on.

OK, enough said. 

Cheers to your great health!

© 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins