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I drink two kale smoothies every day.  One in the morning, one in the evening.

They give me an energy buzz for writing and working out and feeling great.  They keep me super healthy – I never get sick.  They make my skin look amazing and clear. 

I’ve been drinking them for years. 

It’s the first thing I do in the morning.

For extra efficiency, I prepare three at a time, filling three big blender cups with fresh kale, a jalapeño, avocado, spinach, and an herb such as parsley, basil, cilantro.  Sometimes I add a clove of garlic, or something extra like celery, cucumber, or zucchini.

Yesterday was the first day in YEARS that I didn’t have a green drink.  I was out of town, and made up for it by eating a large spinach salad and other great veggies for dinner.

So this morning I was extra eager to make my kale smoothie.  I took a prepared cup out of the refrigerator.  Put it upside down on my NutriBullet.  Pushed down, excited to hear that loud whirr as it liquefied all the good green stuff for me to chug down.


I checked the plug.  Tried again.  Nothing.  Checked the NutriBullet.  It looked normal.  Tried a different outlet.


My head spun.  I was not going to go through another day with no green drink!  I need that nutrition buzz to power me through this book deadline.  Driving to a store and spending 90 minutes on a new NutriBullet quest is not in my time and energy budget today.  I have to stay home and write.

Thankfully, I had a back-up blender in the kitchen cabinet.  So I pulled it out, dumped the NutriBullet cup contents into the blender, and pushed “liquefy.”

Bam!  I chugged the drink, felt all those energizing nutrients surge through me, and went to the gym for a super high energy workout lifting weights.  Then I did my daily yoga routine, meditated, ate salmon and fruit for lunch with a small green drink, and got to work.


What’s the point?  First, if you’re not already downing the mega-nutrition of a green drink at least once a day, start now.  Second, keep all the fresh produce on hand (I had gone shopping last night after being out of town).  Third, keep a back-up blender just in case your main one — NutriBullets are awesome! — becomes uncooperative.

The bigger picture is this – when you set a goal and develop a healthy daily habit – don’t let anything stop you from maintaining your regimen to be your best YOU!


©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins