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Our contest winners are awesome.  Talented.  And brave.

Please check out the winning shorts stories for our November contest entries about “Workplace.”  In alphabetical order, because they are all #1 winners, they are:

"Country Club Christmas" by Michelle Cox

"A Practiced Office Dance" by Tarsilla Moura

"Blood" by Helia S. Rethmann

"Losing" by Monica Spees

As I wrote of our October Magical Realism Contest winning stories — "El Duende" by Casandra Hernández Ríos and “The Blind Oasis” by Anthony Johnson — I admire everyone with the balls to hit the SUBMIT button. 

“Courage is,” as Hemingway put it, “…grace under pressure.”  

No statement applies to writers or artists or creatives so accurately.  While digging through my storage boxes, I’ve found stories that I’ve sent over the years to magazines (pre-internet) — some published, most rejected.  I’m glad I saved them all.  My burning desire was to get published.  As I grew older, I developed another burning desire:  to publish other writers’ short stories.  I do a cartwheel every time we get a new submission.  I jump over the moon when I read the stories and choose the winners.

Coming up with these contest themes is part of the fun for me.  “Just write” is easier said than done.  So, I’ve chosen themes that correspond with the month.  The theme of “Workplace and A Thank You” corresponded with Thanksgiving.  Choosing a workplace – basically anywhere – and having a character say “Thank You” seemed like a simple guideline for a story of 1000 words max.  And for those who are good at “just writing,” we have a contest for you:  Our “Stream of Consciousness” March & April 2017 Short Story Contest.

Our current month’s theme is “Promises, Promises,” because, let’s face it, by now a lot of New Year’s Resolutions have been broken.  February’s theme is not Valentine’s Day or love or romance (no, that’s April’s topic!), but “Groundhog Day!”  All stories require just 1000 words.

Sometimes it takes forever and a day to get from draft one to that satisfied, comfortable, ready-to-submit polished draft.  So instead of posting the contests one month at a time, we currently have 10 open contests closing between January 31 and June 30th — including another “Magical Realism” contest.  More contests will be added throughout the year.

As you may know, we aim to publish our First Annual Anthology of Fresh Writers compromised of our first year of winning stories.  Contest winners receive $75 and have their story posted on our website.  At first we were going to post the winning stories only for a month, but now we’re going to keep them up for the world to read.  Plus, they will be published in our anthology.

You can participate by creating a login and password to sign into Submittable, where you can enter our contests and explore a plethora of other opportunities.

Meanwhile, if you’re staring at a blank screen, looking for some inspiration, check out the brief contest description on our website here, and get started.

After all, to quote Hemingway again, “There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

You can do it!

Thank you for submitting to our contests now and in the future.  We are excited to help you celebrate and share your literary creations!

Sincerely, Catherine & Elizabeth


©2017 Catherine M. Greenspan