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From left: Catherine, Dr. Jeneby, Elizabeth

From left: Catherine, Dr. Jeneby, Elizabeth


Wow!  Our heads are spinning after two whirlwind days with Dr. Thomas Jeneby, the top plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas.  The Ivy League-educated, Board Certified physician who’s been featured on Inside Edition runs a bustling business that offers just about every procedure a woman or man could want to enhance their appearance. 

“Welcome to my world,” he says, as our days began at 5:30 a.m.  First, at the Plastic & Cosmetic Center of South Texas, he whisks us into his operating room, where we watch him perform breast augmentation surgery.  He uses a Bovie—an electronic wand that cuts and cauterizes the skin beneath the breast.  He inserts the implant under the pelvic muscle, pumps it full of saline, then seamlessly stitches the skin back together. 

All while bantering with his OR assistant and his anesthesiologist, as hip hop music plays.  Sometimes he’s on Snapchat and Facebook Live during surgery.  Eccentric?  Yes.  But there’s no joking when it comes to health and safety for his patients.

“I built this operating room in my practice to make my service private, comfortable, and safe,” he says, nodding toward the anesthesiologist who’s monitoring the patient’s vitals on a bank of monitors.  “I have my anesthesiologist monitoring the patient throughout the procedure, and since we’re in our private Surgi-Center, there’s no exposure to hospital germs.”

Then we spent the remainder of this 48-hour research trip watching and learning about procedures for butt implants, tummy tucks, mommy make-overs, liposuction, facial fillers, Botox, breast reduction, CoolSculpting fat removal, Cellfina cellulite removal, and more.

It was fascinating!

We also watched Dr. Jeneby rock a radio interview on the San Antonio's 99.5 KISS super popular Billy Madison Show; co-host Nard described what it was like when his wife got a boob job from Dr. Jeneby, who talked about his “Halloween Boooooooob” special.

Catherine and I also became “extras” in the sizzle reel that Dr. Jeneby was filming to create a TV show based on the free surgeries that he donates to women who have suffered burns, beatings, and other traumas of domestic abuse. 

Each day ended with wining and dining at two of San Antonio’s best restaurants.  At J Prime, we sampled phenomenal appetizers and savored the most insanely delicious cheese bread, which was an extra treat because my gluten allergy usually forces me to watch everyone else savor the decadent offerings of the bread basket.

The next night, at Charter House, we dined on my favorite, Chilean sea bass and filet mignon at the top of a 750-foot tower offering panoramic views of San Antonio as the restaurant rotated 360 degrees!

The dinner was a delicious conclusion to our fast-paced immersion into Dr. Jeneby’s life, so that we can go home and write his unique book:  Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon: Shocking Stories About Enhancing Butts, Boobs, and Beauty.

“I had talked with other ghostwriters,” he told us between patients, “but the fact that you were willing to come here and experience my world first-hand was the reason I selected Two Sisters to write my book.”

The synergy between him, Catherine, and me was so great, in fact, that we began composing chapter one as we drove to dinner!  Dr. Jeneby was driving, I was typing on my laptop in the passenger seat, and Catherine was embellishing our sentences from the back.

Teamwork definitely makes the book work!

So it’s time to sign off, because it’s time to get it done!


© 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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