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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
— Maya Angelou


The pressure is on!  It’s Valentine’s Day.

It’s “supposed” to be the most romantic day of the year. 

Lovers are “supposed” to lavish each other with flowers.  Candle-lit dinners.  Chocolate.  Swooning seductions.  Hot sex.  Diamonds.  Marriage proposals.

But what about the other 364 days of the year?

Romance and love are so delicious — I propose that we feast on them as much as we can every day!

I’m not saying we have to go so far as wedding talk.

But how about incorporating as many moments that take our breath away into our lives as possible?

Love and romance are scientifically proven to boost your health, happiness, and lifespan.

It’s the ultimate drug.

And it’s free.            

But to attract the absolute best love possible – you have to do some work.

On yourself.

Because the secret to attracting soul-deep love is finding it within yourself first.  Then celebrating it daily.  This process can take years.  But it will transform you into someone new.  Someone you absolutely adore, from the inside out.  Then you will radiate with self-love that magnetizes similarly evolved people to you.

And you will find your true love.

So, what does this I-love-me-first homework entail?

For me, it meant taking a year-long break from dating to indulge deep meditation and reflection.  I did this “spiritual cleanse” in 2013, and it transformed me, healed me, prepared me into the person I am becoming today.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, retreating from the world for a year is not feasible for most.  But we can all do it on a smaller scale, every day.  Meditate.  Journal.  Heal.  Figure yourself out.  Drop the baggage of past pain so you don’t carry it into the next relationship.

Lighten your load so you can fly with your new partner.

As you do this, have a love affair with yourself.  Look in the mirror and smile.  Say, “I love you” out loud.  Serve yourself meals on your prettiest plates.  Buy yourself flowers for no reason.  Wear your favorite outfit for yourself.  Start an “I Love Me” journal that contains ONLY things you love about yourself.  Do things that you love to do, and hopefully make your living that way.

Cultivating self-love magnetizes you to the ultimate partner in life and love.

Then you will feel like every day is Valentine’s Day.

You’ll naturally flow with the joy of love and savor those spontaneous moments that take your breath away.  Those magic moments are not about things like flowers, chocolate, diamonds, or dinners.

They are a visceral euphoria sparked by the sensory extravaganza that ignites when the fire of your soul unites with the blazing love of another soul.  The flame that sizzles between you will consume both of you to such a degree of elation that the world will seem to deliver breathing-taking moments to you as a couple, seemingly out of the blue.

The aura of love around you will make people do double-takes and stare at you as you walk down the street.

The electricity pulsing between you will be so strong, it will short-circuit your phones and shut them down while you’re just gazing at each other on FaceTime.

You will begin to speak the words that the other person is thinking.

Your partner will get up and bring you that glass of water that you were craving – before you even ask for it.

You will have the same experiences throughout the day, even when apart.

You will mirror each other in mind, body, and spirit.  

This inexplicable union is limitless, never restricted by a one-day holiday like Valentine’s Day, or an object like a ring, or a label like marriage, or the so-called rational rules of relationships.

It is supernatural.

And it should be celebrated every day.

My Valentine’s Day wish for you is that you will find the ultimate love – first with yourself, then with someone who takes your breath away!

©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins