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I’m at my desk, surrounded by three computers.

My current laptop.

My old laptop.

And my old desktop.

I feel like I just opened a treasure chest.

I’m finding all these glimmering jewels of words… stories… books… screenplays… poems…

I am bedazzled!

And anxious to showcase all this work for the world.

I’m reading file after file of so many projects that started and stalled.  Or just got filed away while I taught college, raised my son, met book deadlines, et cetera.  A lot of these gems were waiting for some literary agent or editor or Hollywood producer or actor or director or someone else to shine a green light

But guess what? 

My creations are each sparkling emeralds unto themselves, glowing with light that I need to shine on the world right now.

Each of these glimmering words that poured out from my heart and soul over the years are a diamond that formed deep inside me from life’s pressures on my mind, body, and spirit. 

Yes, pressure makes diamonds, deep in the earth.  That’s why all this time — every time I’ve allowed a challenge, an adversity, a disappointment to push down on me — it has chiseled, molded, my mind into a jewelry factory.

As a result, I have created all these gems.

Now it’s time to fling open the factory doors!

No more waiting for someone else to approve the publication of my books!

Because Catherine and I have created the infrastructure with Two Sisters Writing & Publishing to launch our work into the stratosphere all by our damn selves.

The digital revolution and its subsequent disruption on the traditional publishing world have provided the technology for us to live our literary dreams independently of anyone’s approval.

Now we’re doing that for ourselves, and for many other writers, including our mother.  For years, people have been urging to her to write her life story.  Now she’s doing it! 

Likewise, Catherine wrote three young adult novels 20 years ago in graduate school; now she’s finally publishing them!

And I have this treasure trove of books and movies to share with YOU!

“Your grandmother is telling me that you’re going to open a bookstore,” a psychic medium told me during a meditation class several years ago, when she said my paternal grandmother appeared in her vision to share this message with me.  “The writing is on the wall,” she said. “Get ready!”

Whether you believe in messages from beyond or not, I do.  And she was right.  Because I already had the bookstore inside my computers!  Nobody waved a magic wand to make them appear.  I had to do the work, word by word, month by month, year by year.

Now it’s time for the grand opening.  We’re ready to burst open our literary treasure chests to showcase the inspiring, sexy, fun, and hard-hitting books that we’ve been writing for decades.

“You’re sitting on a gold mine!” I often exclaim when people tell me their ideas for books, movies, and businesses.  “What’s holding you back from taking it?”

A million reasons for not writing the book, composing the screenplay, or opening the business, immediately spew from the person’s mouth.  Some are valid.  Most are excuses. 

All are from FEAR.

Exposing your innermost thoughts? 

It’s scary!

What will people think?

What if people criticize it?

What if expressing yourself causes you to suffer bad consequences in my career, in my relationships, in public?  What if your kids get teased? 

Hey, what if you remove the “what if” and think about the penalty you’ll pay for NEVER truly expressing yourself?  Think about all the people you could have helped with your unique point of view.  Think about the moment you take your last breath, and the horrible regrets you’ll feel for lacking the courage to do what you really wanted to do.

Write a book.  Make a movie.  Open a business.

Just do it!

I reached a point of being more afraid of NOT expressing my biggest, boldest ideas, than worrying about what anybody might think.

Fear will hold you back, but anger and frustration will push you through the barriers to finally make magic happen. 

Magic that we all desire and deserve.

So, here’s the bottom line:  time is going to keep ticking into the future.

Relentlessly.  And even faster as you get older.

Start writing now, before your time is up!


©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins


Catherine Greenspan