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Want to watch a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of truth, survival and perseverance?

Oh, and you’ll be witnessing the power of one woman bringing her lifelong dream to reality, for all the world to see and celebrate.

If so, please check out The Andrea Doria:  Are the Passengers Saved?

It’s a feature film in The Italian Film Festival USA in 12 cities across America.

The film is about the deadly 1956 shipwreck of an Italian luxury liner that crashed into another ship off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Forty-six people died.

My dear friend, Pierette Domenica Simpson, survived.  She was nine years old.  Meanwhile, the captain was vilified.  Pierette grew up, wrote two books about the catastrophe, and dreamed of making a movie about it.

And she did it!  Filmed near her hometown of Turin, Italy, as well as in Genoa, Italy, and a Metro Detroit neighborhood, the movie commemorates the 60th anniversary of the June 25, 1956 disaster often called “The Titanic of the 1950s.”  

I play a 1950s journalist, appearing at 1 minute, 40 seconds into the trailer.

Please click here to watch the trailer.

The award-winning docufilm — directed by Luca Guardabascio of Rome, Italy — was recently screened at Hollywood’s prestigious Los Angeles Italia - Film, Fashion and Art Fest, and it’s won many Awards & Recognitions, including:

  • "Audience Choice Award" from the Royal Starr Film Festival of Royal Oak, Michigan
  • "Best Feature Documentary" at the Salerno International Film Festival, Italy
  • Four director's awards to Luca Guardabascio
  • Special Mention to producer Pierette Simpson from the Salerno Film Festival
  • Endorsements from the Piemonte and Liguria regions and the Italian government

It has also premiered at:  

  • Museo del Mare, Genova, Italy
  • Detroit Film Theatre of the Detroit Institute of Arts 
  • Eboli, Italy
  • San Martino Canavese, Piemonte, Italy
  • The Italian Parliament, Deputy Chambers, Rome

My maternal grandmother was 100% Italian, so I am extra proud to be part of this!

The movie also celebrates the resilience and faith of immigrants in America.  

Please join us to celebrate my friend’s amazing accomplishment, and this important peek into world maritime history!

Meanwhile, what is your lifelong dream, and what can you do TODAY to help bring it to reality for all the world to see and celebrate? 

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©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins