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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.



We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be featuring guest bloggers here!

So many of our clients and friends are phenomenal writers  –– we want to showcase their innovative ideas and unique voices on topics that will inspire you to look at things in a new way.

Each of these thought pioneers views the world through a fascinating lens of unusual life experience that has focused their philosophies and lifestyles in unconventional ways.

So please watch for bylines by these amazing individuals:

ALLEN ALLENSWORTH IV — This global thinker possesses the rare combination of advanced degrees from some of the world’s best universities, along with the humility of someone who forgets neither his humble roots nor the harsh reality that millions of Americans endure every day.

We welcome his blog posts about real-life topics in a no-nonsense, yet engaging voice that will prompt to you examine life from his wise and witty perspective.  

We are honored to introduce Allen here at A Tale of Two Sisters.

JORDAN BAKER — Everyone recognizes her name, but no one ever knows why.  She explains that she shares a name with the tennis pro from The Great Gatsby.

Jordan has often wondered about the backstory of  the fictitious Jordan Baker, and she’s written countless character sketches of who that Jordan Baker might have been outside the confines of that famous novel.

Follow Jordan on her journey as she takes us through character sketches of herself as she constantly re-creates of herself to live life to the fullest.

Jordan, we’re excited to peek into your life, one blogpost at a time.

SASHA MAXWELL — Frank Sinatra’s famous song declares:  “I did it my way!”  Well, when it comes to living and loving, Sasha is doing things her own way.

This is one bad-ass woman who has the guts to not only cultivate unconventional viewpoints, but she also has the courage to take action and live her life accordingly.

Rest assured, you’ll be entertained, possibly shocked, and definitely fascinated as Sasha struts her proverbial stuff on her hot topics!

Sasha, we can’t wait to watch your literary dance on our blogstage!


We’ll launch our guest bloggers with Allen Allensworth IV’s first post on Friday, March 24, 2017.

Of course, we will continue posting blogs, too!

Stay tuned!  And don’t be shy about sharing what you read here with your friends and followers.

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