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We’re thrilled that soon we will announce the winners of our February Groundhog Day contest!  We'll publish their stories shortly on our Winners page.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we’ve got a bunch of open contests, including a new Magical Realism contest.  That one was super popular!  We were inundated with entries!

But some topics were only popular in my mind:  we had zero entries for “No Two Are Quite the Same” and “Promises, Promises” in December and January.  Zero entries!  How is that even possible when so many talented writers desire prize money and publication?

This has me thinking.  Maybe YOU are the ones who could suggest contest themes.  Maybe YOU want to write about topics that are simply not on my radar.  Maybe YOU are already writing about a topic and you want to tailor a contest for yourself - here’s your chance!

I’m turning it over to YOU!  Please send your suggestions to us below.  We promise to read and respond to every email we receive.  

And be sure to let us know if we can give credit to you if your topic leads to a contest theme.  Our contests are blind, so we don’t know who is submitting when we judge them.

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