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"Everyone's A Winner, Baby, That's For Sure!"


We're so happy to announce our contest winners from February's Groundhog Day-themed contest.

Check them out: 

"Journal Entry #1979" by Katrina Pascuzzo

"Groundhog Days" by Conner Russell

As a kid growing up in Michigan, The Detroit News kept a tally of sunny days and cloudy days. Though I never paid much attention to Groundhog Day itself, I remember February cloudy days dominated. 

Sunshine in February in 1970's Michigan, I recall, was so rare, one day when I saw a ray of sunshine, I thought, "Oh, yeah, the sun." 

Maybe this is why I've spent most of my adult life in states that can boast more than 300 days of sunshine per year, February included.

Thanks to everyone who entered and those who even considered entering the Groundhog Day short story contest.

If you have a brilliant idea for a contest, please share, and we'll give you credit! Just contact us here

Thank you and congratulations to our winners and our readers! As the great English funk and soul group, Hot Chocolate sang in the late 70's"Every 1's A Winner!"

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