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Romance! Did someone say romance? Who doesn't want to read a short story about romance? What writer doesn't want to write about romance? 

I'm happy to announce the winner: Lucky Leslie Muzingo!

Follow this link to read and celebrate her great story story here: "The Woman Who Loved a Spy." You'll find links to Leslie's other published stories in her biography after the story.


This is our first year holding contests. We started with a magical realism contest because truth is stranger than fiction, and the suspension of disbelief I personally experience while reading a magical realism story allows that sense of "what if" that true-life fiction doesn't even touch.

Based on the great potential of romance stories, here's an idea: a magical realism romance contest! Here it is: Submittable.


If you have an idea for a contest, please let us know. We'll give you full credit. Our contests are blind, so we don't know who the entrants are. If you suggest a contest and your story is chosen as the winner, we won't know till after you win! All's fair. 

Thank you!


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