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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.



These words, written in gold glitter, sparkle on my office wall as I work on books all day and into the night.  

For Catherine and me, our writing life began with a daydream. Daydreams are most delicious when they seem far off. But when you do the work, you can make them happen, and they become REAL!  

We’re here to prove it. For us, it’s all about following our passion to write books - our own and for others - and bring inspiring messages to the world. 

So we launched Two Sisters Writing and Publishing and Atkins & Greenspan Writing. Now we’re doing it! We are living our daydream, and we still daydream about accomplishing ever greater goals.   

The reality is that books don’t write themselves. It takes tremendous work, time, and DISCIPLINE. Catherine and I work almost every day, often starting early in the morning and going late into the evening.  I call it my “breakfast to bedtime” regimen. Writing from that first caffeine jolt from my delicious coffee…until my eyelids won’t stay up. I also exercise, do yoga, meditate, and eat a strict diet of brain foods that keep my mental and physical energy poppin’.

Writing is hard work, but I think of it like this: “I choose to play with words all day!” 

Catherine says: “The only way to finish a book is to keep your fingers on the keyboard.”

Word by word, you can make your daydream come true. Go for it!  

Have you identified your daydream? We'd love to hear from you!

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