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I’m working really hard on my soon-to-be-published spiritual book:  God’s Answer Is Know.   

The basic message is that we all have God’s power within us, and with that power, we are capable of anything.

This message is really important because we live in a world that teaches us to seek everything outside of ourselves.  That can lead to feelings of inadequacy and lack.  Society also programs us to believe that we’re not complete or truly happy without the company of others, especially in the romantic sense.

But solitude – and really enjoying your own company – is beautiful.  It’s crucial for knowing yourself through meditation, contemplation, journaling, and self-evaluation.  You have to shut out the noise of the world to hear the whispers of your spirit and the deepest desires of your heart.

As a writer, I spend a lot of time alone, and I love it.  When I’ve lived in other parts of the country, I’ve even gone on solitary adventures, exploring the southern California coast by car and foot, bike riding all over Martha’s Vineyard, and walking endlessly around New York City.

Now, my robust social life provides deeply fulfilling moments and provides balance for the solitude of a writer’s life.

Sometimes, it’s important to celebrate yourself just as lavishly as you might celebrate a friend or lover.  That’s why I recently purchased a dozen roses for myself, cooked one of my super-duper-mouth-wateringly delicious porterhouse steaks with Jamaican jerk spices and coconut oil, served with steamed asparagus, amazing gluten-free bread, and fresh Michigan cherries for dessert.  Chirping birds and wind chimes outside the open window, with the summer breeze blowing in, created lovely ambiance along with my favorite Bill Withers tunes.

My treat revved up my mind, body and spirit for hours of turbo-brained writing into the night.

Call it dinner for one.  I was all alone, celebrating myself, and savoring every second.  Try it.  I guarantee you will like it.

(c) 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins


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