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…the sun sparkled on the light chop of waves as if God had sprinkled a million diamonds over Lake St. Clair.
— from Husbands, Incorporated by Elizabeth Ann Atkins


I captured that beautiful image from real life, and composed it in one of my novels.  This morning, that image reflected back at me when I stopped during a bike ride to meditate and pray beside the lake.

For long, amazing moments, I marveled at the sun sparkling on the water, which danced to the tune of a gentle breeze and caressed the jagged rocks.  My gaze followed the trail of sparkles all the way to the edge of the world, where the sun was making a silvery puddle on the horizon.

This mesmerizing vision — along with the hot summer sun on my face, and the light sheen of sweat on my skin — made my spirit sing with joy.  Peace permeated my muscles.  My mind floated into another dimension where the power of our Creator surged through me so powerfully, I shivered with the Holy Spirit under the hot July sun. 

My entire being hummed with gratitude for God’s abundant blessings that sparkle in my life just as brilliantly as the diamond-dots on the water.

And I acknowledged that the cold, dark depths of the lake symbolized the pain, struggles, angst, and sadness that I have worked hard to heal so that I may now soar in this brilliant lakeside light that’s shimmering, glimmering, and enchanting me beyond words.

Plugging into the majesty of nature and the beautiful brilliance of the sun was like getting a creative jumpstart from Mother Nature. I rode my bike home, did yoga, then began writing.  And my brain popped with new ideas that coursed down my arms and shot like little lightning bolts from my fingertips, into the keyboard, and onto the wide-open pages of my computer screen.

Sunday morning sunshine, making sentences sparkle in my mind, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and exhilaration, that in such simple moments we can celebrate divine inspiration.

Today, stop and savor nature.  It will create magic moments that make your life sparkle!

© 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins