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Sometimes I stand at my kitchen’s breakfast bar and write on my laptop.  Most of the time, however, I’m sitting.  In a chair.  On the couch.  On a chaise lounge.  But sitting is the new smoking, as they say.

It’s unhealthy.

Not to mention, fattening.

It’s not the fast track to keeping your booty toned and shapely.

Plus, sitting still can cause energy dips.

So, the antidote is exercise.

It gets your heart and lungs pumping, and floods the body with feel-good endorphins.

Most importantly, it turbo charges your body and tunes your brain to its highest frequency.  Oftentimes, it’s during a run, bike ride, weight lifting, yoga, or even a walk that new ideas pop into my head like champagne bubbles.

Then when I sit down to write, my brain is exploding with words, sentences, paragraphs, ideas, and energy.

Brain energy.

Writers are nothing without it.

And getting it from artificial, harmful means has no place in my supernatural lifestyle.

However, some people equate writing with chain-smoking cigarettes, chugging coffee or cola, eating candy and cookies, or even — as Stephen King so poignantly describes in his amazing book On Writing — using illicit drugs years ago to power through writing.  (I highly recommend that book!  He chronicles his life, and his tips on writing – especially about passive verbs – are phenomenal).

So, I rely on fueling my writing with solid sleep, healthy food, fresh coffee (grinding my own beans and using a French press), yoga, meditation, and exercise.

If you’re under the stress and pressure of deadlines, exercise will burn off your angst and help you relax.

So, if you want to take your writing to new heights, hop on your bike, lace up your walking or running shoes, pull out your yoga mat, or hit the gym.  Crank some music and dance.  Have fun with a hula hoop or jump rope.  

Do whatever works for you.

Just get moving.

Your readers will thank you.  Because you’ll compose sentences that pop up and dance off the page to the delight of all who behold your written words.

(c) 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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