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I always dreamed about being on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  I would visualize the experience in great detail, imagining the feeling of sitting in the big yellow chairs on her set, and pressing my fingers to the cool leather.

In June of 2002, I was sitting on the set of Harpo Studios in Chicago, pressing my trembling palms to the cool yellow leather of Oprahโ€™s armchairs.

Because I was living my visualization as a guest on her show!

Creative visualization is a powerful tool! It has helped me lose weight, sculpt my body, write with focus and creativity, ease anxiety, attract amazing situations and relationships, earn more money, and cultivate confidence.

Soโ€ฆ one of my lifeโ€™s major dreams is to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

I am working on the screenplay based on my best-selling novel Dark Secret right now.

I often envision myself at the Academy Awards with my family, standing on the stage and gripping the golden statue.  Iโ€™m wearing a curve-hugging red satin dress, and glowing with indescribable pride as I give my acceptance speech.  I can feel the cool metal under my palms as I talk and savor the thrill of this lifetime dream. 

Last night, I held an Oscar in my hand. I noted the sensation of cool metal under my grip as I imagined receiving a golden statue with my name engraved on it. 

This dreamy moment occurred at the home of dear family friend and filmmaker Sue Marx, who won an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary in 1987 for Young at Heart, a love story. She very graciously allowed me to hold the award and take a picture. It was an awesome moment of life affirming that visualizing our dreams is a powerful way to make them come true!

ยฉ2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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