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Thank you,  1106design !

Thank you, 1106design!


Update: The Veronica Series is now available!

My first three Veronica books are one gigantic step closer to being published! I just sent back all three proofs to the graphic designers without any additional changes. They are done!

I can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard as I type this. The reality that this biracial character I created over 20 years ago will be nudged from the nest in a matter of weeks is exciting beyond belief. She wants to soar! 

Last month, the New York Times ran an article entitled, How Interracial Love Is Saving America. Interracial love leads to one thing: interracial babies like me, my sister, my nephew, our mother! Elizabeth has written a variety of adult fiction on interracial themes, and our mother's memoir about being given up for adoption by her Italian mother and black birth father ... and then growing up to marry a white former priest prior to the Loving v. Virginia decision will be out later this summer. 

So where does that leave me? I'm the young adult writer in the family, and I believe interracial kids need interracial characters in books! Veronica looks like me: she looks like a white girl with white skin, freckles, blue eyes, and brown hair that gets kind of blonde around the temples. A former boyfriend told me I looked more like the St. Pauli girl than a black girl. 

I've heard so much extraneous commentary and fly-on-the-wall stuff that I am certain the world sees me one way -- and only one way. I see myself as I am, and no one can touch that. 

Veronica is a girl who struggles with where she fits in during the difficult, formative teen years. 

I hope interracial girls will read the Veronica books and find guidance in what Veronica thinks and does (don't worry -- she's not perfect!) in tricky situations. 

I hope the moms of interracial girls will read the Veronica books, too, so they can have open and honest conversations about how to help their daughters navigate the big world that wants us to stuff ourselves in one neat and tidy box. We are us, and no single box can contain us all. Maybe Veronica can help sons and dads talk about being bircial, too. 

(c) 2017 Catherine M. Greenspan

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