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ECLIPSE: a loss of significance, power, or prominence in relation to another person or thing.

Today everyone is talking about the rare solar eclipse.    

Scientists and astrologers are speculating about how an eclipse can impact the planet and on people.

Specifically, eclipses can trigger sudden endings and beginnings.

I am feeling that.

And it’s making me ponder the other definition of eclipse:

a loss of significance, power, or prominence

in relation to another person or thing.

That’s how the dictionary defines it.

So let me tell you how I’m feeling it:

As a radical shift inside Elizabeth.  Any fears, distractions, anxieties, bad habits, blocks, or procrastination are being eclipsed by a bigger, better, bolder version of myself. 

Today, anything that has held me back in the past is undergoing a radical loss of significance, power, or prominence in relation to the beautiful, badass butterfly who is bursting out of the chrysalis whose confining darkness prepares it to soar to immeasurable heights.

(By most external measurements, I am doing great.  But I am deeply troubled by an urgency to do more, on a global scale, and the only way to accomplish that is to undergo the Eclipse of Elizabeth). 

During the days leading up to today’s historic event, I have been evaluating my strengths and weaknesses, and writing out a new version of how I’d rather be. 

I’m doing that by using the POWERJOURNAL techniques that I devised and will soon begin teaching with Catherine.  I have been looking in the proverbial mirror to critique what’s working and what’s not, in the way I invest the precious moments of this lifetime.  The revelations reflecting back at me, in addition to deep meditation, are honing a strategy to unleash my infinite potential on every level.

So today, as people are scrambling to get their eclipse glasses to watch this celestial event safely, I am seeing myself and my world with new clarity.

It is no coincidence that the very first book that Catherine and I are publishing through Atkins & Greenspan Writing is called:

CLEAR!  Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of

I received the hardcover proof version of this book we wrote with Herman J. Williams, MD on Friday, and it’s not only gorgeous, it’s breathtakingly inspiring. 

Every time I have glanced up from deep thought about the seismic shift happening within myself, the book just happens to catch my eye.


The title — quoting the command that paramedics exclaim prior to using paddles to jolt a dead heart back to life — seems to shout up at me.

That’s the universe affirming that my newfound clarity has propelled me onto the right path. 

That path is focus, creativity, productivity, spiritual empowerment, and boldness. All the while, my meditations have been crystal clear, providing divine downloads for the unquestionable action steps that I must take immediately.

At the same time, the transformative energy of this eclipse has catapulted me into a new cerebral stratosphere where I am writing, editing, and conceiving new ideas as if each of my brain synapses were a thousand sunbursts exploding with exponential speed and power.

It is intoxicating!  It kept me up writing until two o’clock this morning!

So, here’s the bottom line, my new affirmation for today’s historic astrological event:

Elizabeth Ann Atkins is eclipsing the fears, mistakes, regrets, and pain of her past, as newfound clarity illuminates a blindingly bright new version of herself and her divine mission to use written and spoken words to entertain, uplift, inspire, and heal people everywhere.

So please, take a moment to yourself during today’s eclipse-watching frenzy.  Rather than looking up at the sky, turn your gaze inward. Decide how a new, better you can eclipse the negativity of your past and launch you into a gloriously exciting future.  Then write an affirmation for the Eclipse of You, say it out loud, and make it happen! 


©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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