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We have only three more months of contests before we have our complete content for our first ever, first annual Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Anthology of Fresh Writers. Fortunately, we're holding two contests a month, so that's six opportunities to win!

Here are a our winning stories so far...

Magical Realism Contest #1

"El Duende" by Casandra Hernández Ríos

“The Blind Oasis” by Anthony Johnson

Workplace and a "Thank You" Contest

"Blood" by Helia S. Rethmann

"Losing" by Monica S. Ramsey

"A Practiced Office Dance" by Tarsilla Moura

"Country Club Christmas" by Michelle Cox

Groundhog Day Contest

"Groundhog Days" by Conner Russell

"Journal Entry #1979 February 2nd, 2017 12:01 am" by Katrina Pascuzzo

Beware the Ides of March Contest

"Ambition" by Michael Colonnese

Magical Realism Contest #2

"Berserk" by Bob Joncas

"EGG" by Mary Finnegan

April Romance Contest

"The Woman Who Loved a Spy" by Leslie Muzingo

Stream of Consciousness Contest

"Tripping on a Blue Hole in a Paper Heart" by Begoña Montesinos

Magical Realism-Romance Contest

"Emerald Eyes" by Leslie Muzingo

Tales from the Beach Contest

"Better Off" by Sarah Gilligan

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