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By Elizabeth

My eyes are burning.

My stomach is growling.

I’m not sure what clothes I’m wearing, or whether they match.

I might have specks of kale in my teeth because mostly what I’ve eaten today is green drinks.  They’re easy and energizing.

Plus, when I’m writing, sometimes the foods that give me the most energy make me sleepy.  That happened yesterday, and it’s super annoying.  So today as I worked intensely on my book deadline, I chose not to eat much, so I wouldn’t risk fatigue or brain fog.

Likewise, I hate getting tired when I’d rather keep writing with super sharp mental clarity all day and into the night.  When I get sleepy at night, and know I have to go to bed, I text Catherine and say, “I’m throwing in the towel.”

She laughs, because that means surrendering to a fight, and she knows I’ve worked at least 10-11 hours, so I deserve a break!

Most people probably just accept that it’s bedtime.

But I resist it like a 3-year-old who wants to stay up and play.

I want to play—by writing!

So the reason I’ve reached this condition today is that I just overnighted a huge manuscript to a client, hot off the printer.

It’s exhilarating and exhausting all at once.

And guess what!?

I have to finish edits on another manuscript tonight, then dive deep into an extremely delightful but demanding project with a looming deadline.

The coolest thing about all of this is that Catherine and I are doing what we love!

It’s a 24/7 endeavor, and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful!

The writing life is amazing.  Today when my energy slumped, I blasted music and lifted weights until my heart was pounding and my brain was back on blast.

We’re literally about to publish a bookstore, because a multitude of books that we’ve been working on for years are finally ready to present to the world.

So, let me go find some energy-boosting dinner and get back to work until I can’t keep my eyelids up.

©2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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