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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.


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Our contests are blind. Entrants submit their stories via Submittable, and we see only the title and words of the story. That's it. 

We read all the submissions, then pick the best one for each themed contest by clicking a little green button that immediately notifies the winner that they've won -- and then (and only then) is their name displayed for us. 

Our winning August Spaghetti Western story turned out to be from the very person who suggested that we hold a Spaghetti Western-themed contest! What are the odds!?

Not only that, hers was the winning story for our April Romance contest and our Magical Realism/Romance contest in June. Again, what are the chances!?

The chances are pretty high when you write a lot, submit a lot, and keep putting your work out there! Think of all the words used to describe writers: tenacious, dedicated, indefatigable, dogged, tireless, and so on. What's the word for the type of writer you are? Nose to the grindstone! 

We're thrilled for Leslie Muzingo! Clearly she's a talented, tenacious, dedicated, indefatigable, dogged, tireless writer who submits her work. She does the work and she shares her work. And she wins contests! 

Check out her stories here:

I hope we can all take a cue from Leslie: get your work out in the world and get it out there often! Improve your chances of winning and getting published once, twice, or three times! 

If someone asks you to suggest a theme for a contest (like us!), suggest something you'd like to write about -- create your own destiny! Create your own best contest. Let us know! 

Congratulations again to Leslie and all our contest winners. We're so glad you shared your work with us and the world!!

We are revving up to publish our first anthology of winners. Check them out here.

By the way, we're also holding a contest for the anthology cover design. Details here

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Catherine Greenspan