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We're thrilled to announce the winners for our two August short story contests: 

Leah Sackett's "Sticker Shock" was our winner for the contest that required the story begin with "On the first day in August..." 

Leslie Muzingo's "The Fastest Rockslinger in the West" won the August Spaghetti-Western themed short story. Leslie also won the June Magical Realism-Romance contest with her enchanting story, "Emerald Eyes" as well as the April Romance contest with "The Woman Who Loved A Spy." We're thrilled Leslie continues to enter our contests! Thank you, Leslie!

As we head into the final months of 2017, we have eight open contests on Submittable. There's still time to enter September's "It's All Dialogue" and our September Sci-Fi contests!!

We've also posted a bunch of open contests for our 2018 anthology, including one told from the perspective of a dog. What dog owner doesn't want to tell his or her dog's story!?

Themes are listed below, but you can click here to learn more.

  • Psychotherapy Session Short Story Contest January 2018
  • Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places Short Story Contest January 2018
  • A Dog's Life Short Story Contest February 2018
  • "I've Just Become A Cat" Short Story Contest February 2018
  • "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Short Story Contest March 2018
  • "The Day Before the Vacation" Short Story Contest March 2018

Don't forget: We're having a contest for artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and anyone who knows their way around Photoshop to submit an entry to design the cover of our 2017 anthology. Again, that will be a blind contest. 

There's still time! 


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