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Ladies, have you ever wished you could smash the oppressive rules that society sets for us, so you can live and love with bodacious boldness?

Do you wish you had the guts to speak your mind about how you really feel – then take action to get what you want?

Do you wonder how your life would be if you truly lived on your terms—

…not what you’re “supposed” to do…

…or what others expect of you…

…or according to boundaries set by your family, friends, job, boyfriend, husband, lover, or professional reputation…

…or in the paralyzing self-imprisonment of fear.

Today Catherine and I want you to meet someone who can help open your mind and heart to new ways of thinking, living, and loving so you are free to be your most glorious, fulfilled, successful version of YOU.   

Her name is Sasha Maxwell.

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As a guest blogger here at A Tale of Two Sisters, her fearless commentary will offer a provocative look at lust, life, and love.

We hope that she will awaken your spirit with new boldness to soar into uncharted territory where your dreams and desires are your reality. 

Every day.

Too many people die without achieving that.

Because for most of us, our default buttons are set in our comfort zones.  That’s where we feel safe.

But that’s also where we grow stale.

And fail to realize our dreams.

Because time keeps whizzing forward into the future.  Then we may wake up and realize we have more days behind us than potential days ahead of us.

Or we realize it’s just plain too late to do certain things.  Or that we’ve made certain decisions that trap us in stuck situations that squash our spirits.

Don’t let that be you.

Go for the gusto now.

With yourself.

In your relationships.

In your career.

Sasha Maxwell can show you how.

Traumatic circumstances destroyed her marriage, her family’s home, her successful business, and her prior sense of self.

She had two choices:

Crash and burn.

Or transform her pain into power.

She epitomizes the profound words of the ancient poet Rumi:  “The wound is where the light enters.”

Sasha was wounded, and the sun burst inside her.

It burned away her fear, and the pressure to conform to conventional thinking and living that can rob us of the risk-taking boldness required to really push ourselves to the edge where the greatest glory awaits.

Here at Two Sisters Writing, Sasha is going to blog about how she transformed her life into an adventurous teaching tool about relationships with ourselves and with others.

She’ll also explain how being her most authentic self enables her to cultivate passion, peace, protection, prosperity, and pleasure every day.

So who is Sasha Maxwell?

She’s a modern-day Every Woman who once believed in the white picket fence fantasy that follows the big white wedding.  Back then, she had the proverbial All: successful husband, a beautiful home, two healthy children in private school, and a booming business of her own.

But then her American Dream warped into a personal and professional apocalypse.

She writes about what happened in her upcoming book, Ten Men, which will be presented here by Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

Sasha is a journalist, author, mother, and pioneer. She is our sister in spirit, who’s here to show us a bigger, better way.

So get ready.  She’s sure to make you blush.

But more importantly, Sasha Maxwell will help you look inside yourself, then around at your life, and take action to go for what you want, and get it, just the way you want it.

© 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins