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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.


✨Learn how to write your book & get it published, 4-6 p.m. this Thursday, January 25, 2018, Detroit Public Library, Main Branch Auditorium with: 

🌟 Bestselling Author/Publisher ELIZABETH ANN ATKINS

🌟 JUDGE MARYLIN E. ATKINS, author of The Triumph of Rosemary: a Memoir

🌟MCS Multimedia CEO ELIZABETH MAYS; and 

🌟HERMAN WILLIAMS MD, author of Clear! Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of.  

🌟Join us, get inspired, and learn everything you need to bring your book to life!  Free and open to the public.



You’ve dreamed of writing a book… 2018 is the year to make it happen!  So don’t miss this empowering seminar to learn how to write and publish your book.


Elizabeth Atkins, Moderator

This bestselling Author of 20 Books teaches everything you need to know about making your dream come true as a published author.  She recently wrote and published Let The Future Begin by Dennis W. Archer.  As co-creator of Atkins & Greenspan Writing with her sister, Catherine Greenspan, Elizabeth is overseeing the writing and publication of books by: a former American Red Cross president, an Army Ranger who lost his legs in Afghanistan and now runs marathons and gives motivational speeches; and a celebrity plastic surgeon who shares shocking secrets about sculpting bodies.  Elizabeth’s novels include White Chocolate, Dark Secret, and Twilight with Billy Dee Williams.

Elizabeth co-hosts a weekly, award-winning TV show.  She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from the Journalism School at Columbia University in New York City.

Elizabeth Mays, Panelist

The dynamic CEO of MCS Multimedia brings the expertise and experience of her family’s 76-year printing legacy in Detroit, to explain the book-printing process, cost, timeline, and book design options. She also talks about how her company, formerly Mays Printing, can provide services to help promote your book, including website design, business cards, and banners.  Her company provided the local printing for Let the Future Begin by Dennis W. Archer and Elizabeth Ann Atkins.

Herman Williams, MD, Panelist

This physician who dropped dead 26 years ago and lived to tell about it, shares his amazing story — and strategy for living a fulfilling life — in his new book, “CLEAR!” Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of.  A Harvard-educated hospital executive, Dr. Williams talks about why he sought ghostwriting help from Atkins & Greenspan Writing to transform his story in a captivating page-turner that’s opening doors to inspire people everywhere.  He shares insight on the process of writing, publishing, and promoting his book. Dr. Williams talks about the power of CPR, as well as faith in God, and the love of his wife, for saving his life.

Judge Marylin E. Atkins, Panelist

As former Chief Judge of Detroit’s 36th District Court, Judge Atkins wrote her life story about being rejected by her Italian birth mother’s family because her father was black, then surviving abuse by her adoptive mother, and enduring a racial and religious scandal after she married a former Roman Catholic Priest who was white.  Learn how and why she wrote The Triumph of Rosemary: A Memoir, which reviewers are calling “a beautiful and baring memoir of the soul” that makes you laugh, cry, sometimes at the same time.

Booksigning to Follow Panel Discussion

Dr. Williams will autograph copies of his book, Clear! Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of  for $15.99 each.

Judge Atkins will be autographing copies of The Triumph of Rosemary: A Memoir for $22 each.


Catherine Greenspan