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It was magical to hike to the Kachina Woman vortex with seven members of our Atlas Collective Retreat group.

Sitting on the red rock of Sedona, Arizona, became even more amazing when Atlas Creator Leisa Peterson, who is a brilliant business coach and also deeply spiritual, sat with me and cleared our chakras.

Then as we walked to join our group, a white-haired man approached and handed me a flat, heart-shaped rock that he had carved himself.

With him was a film crew, and they were heading up to the top of the mountain where he plays his flute every morning.

“The meaning of life is unconditional love,” he said to me, starting an eloquent speech that lasted a few minutes. He spoke of God, Nature, the Heart, and our power to cultivate love and peace in ourselves, other people, and the world.

I just stood there, holding the heart-rock, listening in awe alongside Leisa. His message echoed the very strong message that I had received during a group meditation the night before: “The key to success and joy is unconditional love.”

Then this man, named Robert, climbed up a 50-foot rock formation to the top of the mountain.

“This song is about peace!” he announced into the bright blue sky as his film crew recorded him while others meditated around him.

He played a beautiful song, all the while moving his flute in the shape of the infinity symbol. Our group stood amongst hikers from around the world, gazing up at him, listening to the delightful music.

The cool breeze danced on our cheeks warmed by the hot sun. Giant black birds soared past.

And the pure peace energy of Sedona coursed through us, bathing our souls in loving light that we could then radiate forever thereafter.

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Catherine Greenspan