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4 Short Play Winners



At Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, we are nothing if we’re not open to suggestion.

Back in April, we received this email:

Message: I would like to submit a short play in the magic realism genre. However, it reads over 1200 words only if you include the title page and character page. Otherwise, it falls just under 1200 words.
Also, are you open to accepting plays? And if not, why not begin? :)

Thanks for entertaining my request. Best to you all.
Wayne Paul Mattingly

To which we promptly replied:

We are most definitely open to accepting plays. Yes, please do submit your play. 

What if we had a monthly contest that was open only to plays!?

To which Mr. Mattingly replied:

Dear Catherine,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and for your generous offer to submit a play—and to suggest a monthly contest!

I have submitted a play—which I hope doesn’t now disqualify me having revealed that fact!

Fast forward to October 1st when our short play contest ended. We were inundated with exceptional short plays — and we could not choose one. In fact, we couldn’t choose two. So we picked four winners. We are grateful to everyone who submitted to this contest and all our others. We are always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that comes to us via Submittable.

Although Mr. Mattingly’s play was not among the three winners — though we would have been thrilled to have our contest theme suggester win. You may recall that in 2017, Leslie Muzingo suggested that we hold a spaghetti Western themed contest…and her story, “The Fastest Rockslinger in the West” was our winner.

Our contests are blind so we never see the names or other contact information for the submitter.

We owe a big thank you to Mr. Mattingly. Thank you for your suggestion!

Without further ado, here are our September short play contest winners in no particular order:

“The Waiter” by Claude Clayton Smith


We're going in circles, Charles.  We have to settle this. I didn't mean to turn our anniversary into a referendum on our marriage. But the question remains, why’d you have to gawk at the hostess who seated us?


"The Measure of Love" by J. Ray Paradiso


I love when we snuggle.


So do I. You’re my one and only!


After we snuggle, will you comb my hair?


"A Private Conversation" by Maureen McGuirk

Synopsis: A troubled woman discusses where her life went wrong, and if there’s any hope in resolving it, with her younger and older self.

Logline: The only person worth fighting with is yourself.


“Second Chance” by Paulene Turner

MADELEINE, 20s, is lying unconscious on the hospital bed. There’s a drip in her arm, she’s hooked up to other machines, including a heart monitor. Beep Beep Beep.

SASHA, a nurse, has finished taking her blood pressure and records it on a chart at the end of the bed. She turns to go and gasps, as she finds JAKE, 20s, in the white coat of a doctor, suddenly there behind her. He’s transfixed with horror as he looks at the patient.



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