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Do you feel called to write a book?

But every time you sit down to write… nothing happens?

Or you finally compose some paragraphs, but your inner critic crumples the page and tosses it into the trash? Or hits delete file on your computer?

Then it seems like every idea that pops into your head gets blasted in a minefield rigged with fear, worry, and doubt.

What if you could allow your best ideas to flow freely through you and onto the page?

What if you could enable the deepest, most powerful messages that you’re supposed to share in your unique way to pour out of you almost effortlessly?

You can.

When you let God write your book.

I’ve been using this method for many years.

I discovered it while journaling.

When I learned that divine messages pour through me when I meditate, then write in my journal, or write an intention in my journal, then meditate on it, I activate a power in the universe to manifest whatever I’m writing and meditating about.

That’s how I invented the PowerJournal technique.

You can use it to manifest anything, anytime.

Simply by connecting to the divine, pressing a pen to paper, and allowing divine messages to flow through you.

If you don’t have a relationship with God, you can call the energy that will pour through you your Higher Self, your Inner Voice, your Soul, a Higher Power, or whatever you decide. This divine knowing flows through your Intuition. The more you practice, the stronger, louder, and more vivid it becomes.

The point is: this pure, powerful energy is available 24/7.

All you have to do is connect to it.

Harness it.

And apply it to whatever you’re doing.

Such as writing a book.

When you use the PowerJournal technique to write a book, you begin by getting into a meditative state.

There you can access your Intuition, and engage in “Intuitive Writing.”  That means, you meditate, then begin writing. You are essentially channeling the messages that God or your Higher Self is providing for you to present to the world on the pages of your book.

The key is to get into a very relaxed state where you can do this.

Then let it flow.

Don’t worry if the words feel like gibberish at first.

Just stay relaxed, and ask God or your Higher Self a question.  

Listen to the answer that comes as fast as lightning -- far faster than you could have thought it up. The speed of the answers and the clarity of the words is how you know your Intuition is speaking to you. It’s your Soul, God, Angels, Ancestors, and other Spirits sharing guidance that can help you.

Write it all down.

Allow it to pour through you.

You may know that an entity other than your conscious brain is speaking to you because it will be in second person.

“You are pure love,” this divine voice may whisper inside you.

You may also hear specific guidance on how to proceed -- or not -- with people, situations, and problems.

If you are writing a book this way, ask for the perfect words to express your message. Allow them to pour through you onto the page.

Your Intuition always tells the truth — your Truth.

Make a daily habit to connect with it, listen, and be obedient to this all-knowing voice within.

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