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Elizabeth with our business coach, Leisa Peterson, in Sedona, Arizona.

Elizabeth with our business coach, Leisa Peterson, in Sedona, Arizona.



Name an Olympic athlete who trained and qualified for the world’s greatest sports competition – without a coach.

You’re probably drawing a blank.

Because Olympians have coaches.


Even the best athletes who are blessed with raw talent need someone to identify their weaknesses, train them rigorously, and push them to achieve their maximum potential to champion their sport.

The same goes for you as an entrepreneur.

A coach can help you break through blocks that have been holding you back from becoming the best in your business.  

A coach can help you learn a new mindset and new methods for doing everything better.

My business partner and sister, Catherine M. Greenspan, signed us up to work with Leisa Peterson about a year ago. Leisa’s official title is: Entrepreneur Coach and Abundance Mentor.

I write this as I fly home from our second retreat with The Atlas Collective – the teaching group that Leisa created – and here I am armed with new information, insights, and inspiration gleaned during our intensive, four-day experience.

Leisa led our group of 15 entrepreneurs from across North America and the world, in a beautiful house in Sedona, Arizona.

The exercises, guest speakers, and ensuing dialogues sparked revelations and breakthroughs for all of us.

Saturated with new information and inspiration, Catherine and I left the Atlas retreat and immersed in our quarterly Two Sisters Summit, to spend the next two days processing and applying all that we learned to our strategy for the next quarter, year, and decade.

This was our second Atlas retreat. We both have grown and transformed since our first retreat in April.

Now we’re ready to charge forward with new boldness and a clearer vision of how we can help people through the services we offer as Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

Aside from retreats, our experience with our business coach includes one-on-one and group video conference calls with Leisa providing instruction and guidance. As with the retreats, very often on these calls, we learn from our peers through their comments or questions. Collective epiphanies are common as is a greater understanding of a certain issue that we all face in our own ways.

In addition to her expertise and impactful lessons, Leisa provides guest speakers on our video calls whose knowledge enriches us all.

Bottom line: having a business coach and participating in a group of like-minded peers is an extremely beneficial experience.

It can boost your business because it helps you hone your best YOU.

While I’ve been a book-writing coach for years, this is my first experience as the coachee.

My advice: find a coach whose mission and method synch with your core values, personality, and business objectives. Leisa has rock-solid financial experience and proficiency, which she merges with her deeply spiritual practices and teaching of the chakra system, to guide her unique, spirituality-based business model. It is in perfect alignment with our beliefs.

Also, commit to immersing in the experience and utilizing all the tools and information that the coach provides.

The more you invest in effort and application, the more you will grow and prosper.

Like an Olympic athlete, you have to do the stretching, sprinting, and jumping.

Your coach can’t do that for you. But the coach can help you stretch farther, sprint faster, and jump higher.

We are grateful that our coach Leisa Peterson is helping us strive toward our infinite potential.

If you don’t already have a business coach, and you want to go for the gold in your arena, it’s time for you to find that person who can push you to your highest heights.  

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