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Do you have “inner peace”?

Or does your mind sound like a hundred different radio stations all blaring bad news while stress grips your muscles and knots your stomach?

Is your inner turmoil so bad that it’s making you sick?

When you lie down to sleep at night, do your eyes fly open, frantically scanning the darkness for answers to your problems?

Meditation is the antidote for all of the above.

Better yet, it will open you to divine guidance, powerful intuition and even answers that all help you live your life in a way that’s happier and healthier.

Yes, meditation is your golden ticket to inner peace.

I speak from experience.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with two amazing teachers who have profoundly enhanced my spiritual awakening.

The result? Inner peace as I have never known.

As you know by the old saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, after years of trying to meditate on my own, I was very ready when our beloved family friend and Hindu spiritual leader Dr. Rama showed me how to sit, breathe, and focus.

“The mind is like a million wild horses running in different directions,” he said.

I told him that my prior attempts to meditate had felt like my brain was buzzing. Rather than peace, an avalanche of worries and negative thoughts would rumble through my head.

As a result, I couldn’t open my eyes and stand up fast enough.

But Dr. Rama taught me how to sit, breathe, and chant “Om” in a way that calmed my mind and allowed my spirit to speak the guidance and answers I sought.

Meditation became a nightly ritual that segued into serene sleep. In fact, one year ago tonight, perhaps the most transformative meditation of my life occurred quite unexpectedly.

You see, just as muscles strengthen when you exercise, meditation deepens and fortifies the connection to your spirit. That’s why, after one year of diligent practice, my spiritual awakening accelerated at a heart-pounding, shiver-with-the-Holy-Spirit kind of power.

The more I meditated, the more spirit revealed my purpose during this lifetime.

Then, four months later, I learned new meditation methods from Lori Bella Lipten, MA, at her Intuitive Empowerment Weekend. In addition to being an intuitive medium who helps people heal by serving as a messenger for them to communicate with loved ones who have died and now exist in the spirit world, Lori is also a shamanic practitioner.

That means she is gifted with the same skills that “medicine men” have used in indigenous cultures for at least 40,000 years — she has the ability to “journey” into divine dimensions in ways that help people heal from emotional, physical and spiritual trauma.

Lori’s hilarious sense of humor and her down-to-earth personae make her an amazing teacher.

Most importantly, the meditation methods that she teaches are life-changing. They can transform the way you think, speak and live in ways that are so profound and magical, you really have to experience it to believe it.

My point?

Meditation is your golden ticket to inner peace.

And the more you practice it, the better it gets.

Don’t force it. Don’t feel that you have to perfect it on day 1 - or ever. Some days, my meditations provide a high definition, Technicolor extravaganza of sights, sounds, and powerful guidance in the divine world. Other days, I’m trudging through fog.

But I keep trying.

Think you don’t have time? I guarantee that the 20 minutes you may spend in the morning will enhance the remaining 23 hours and 40 minutes in ways that you can’t even imagine.

Meditation yields an immeasurable return on your investment of time and energy. It’s similar to how physical exercise improves the way you think, feel, move and sleep all day and night.

Likewise, meditation can help improve your health and enable you to reach goals such as losing weight, improving relationships or finally writing that novel.

It is a gift that you can give yourself, every day.

I hope that I can be your teacher and that you are a student who is ready to meditate your way to inner peace.

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