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Part Two in a Four-Part Series: Writing Your Book Can Help Heal Yourself and Others

By Elizabeth Ann Atkins

Divorce.  Death.  Disease.  Depression.

Trauma.  Terror.  And other terrible things.

Life happens.

It hurts us.

But hopefully, we recover.

And when we heal, and become better than ever, we have a powerful testimony.

Testimonies remind us that what didn’t kill us made us stronger.

And testimonies – when we find the courage to share them in a book — can help other people heal.

Readers get up close and personal through your written words that provide a poignant peek into what you’ve survived.  In the process, you show an example that they can emulate to persevere through their own pain.

This is why you should write your memoir now.

It enables you to tell how you conquered something that could crush others.  You lived to talk about it.  You healed.  Now you’re teaching people how you did it, so they can, too.

Herman J. Williams, MD, does exactly that in his new book that Atkins & Greenspan Writing is publishing this summer. 

CLEAR!  Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of by Herman J. Williams, MD showcases his powerful survival story after a shocking life-or-death experience.  The Nashville-based health care executive also provides tools for living your most fulfilling and impactful life. 

“I want people to read my story and find the strength within themselves to overcome whatever catastrophes or challenges that life presents,” he says, “and I want to provide ways that they can feel better and help others.  My near-death experience made me extremely compassionate toward others, and deeply inspired to help people feel better.”

Reliving your trauma is difficult.  But when you write your memoir, and focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual methods that you used to heal, you’re literally writing a tutorial for other people who are hurting right now.  Your words can serve as a literary prescription that can restore their wellness.

One of the most important spiritual laws of success is that what you give comes back to you exponentially. 

“May your kindness sparkle back on you with a billion blessings!”  That’s what I often write under my signature when I’m autographing books.

Herman’s book – which literally describes how to incorporate “kindness” into your daily lifestyle — is his way of giving.

“This book is my gift to share with everyone all the lessons I’ve learned the hard way,” he says.  “I hope that people don’t have to suffer like I did to incorporate these joy-boosting habits into their own lives.”

Have you overcome something hurtful?

Did you figure out a unique way to do so?

You should write about it, right now, in a memoir.

It will heal you on an even deeper level. 

And it will heal others as well.

Are you ready?  We can help!

Next Up: Reason #3:  Your memoir can inspire people.

(c) 2017 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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