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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.

2 Short Stories - A Romance & A Western


We are so happy to announce our May contest winners.

"Limerence" by Don O. Noel Jr.

They proved a good team, tackling the project with a will, successful enough that management wanted them to keep at it. They gladly did so, meeting often over lunch, where they could linger because on company business. Their desks were near enough to leave each other notes. They talked about the arts, and discovered shared tastes in books, theater, music.

Somewhere he learned a phrase that described such collaboration: They were office spouses.


"A Town with No Name" by Steve Carr

The bartender nodded and twisted one end of his handlebar mustache between his thumb and index finger. He put the glass down on the bar and poured whiskey into it. β€œWhat brings you to town?” he said.

Lark gulped down the whiskey and set the empty glass on the table. β€œJust passing through.”

Note: This is Steve's second time winning one of our contests. His story, Paper Mache Man, won our October 2017 Magical Realism contest and will be published in our forthcoming Anthology. Here's a taste:

"Paper Mache Man" by Steve Carr

β€œHey, Malcolm,” Harry said. β€œI've got a bundle of old newspapers.” Harry placed the newspapers that were tied together with twine onto the counter.

β€œWhat do I owe you, Harry?” Malcolm said.

β€œFive bucks should do it,” Harry said. β€œI haven't asked before, but I'm curious. What do you do with all the old newspapers and magazines?”

Malcolm took a five dollar bill out of his wallet. β€œI make things,” he said.