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Share Your Gifts Before It's Too Late

Think of your favorite Aretha Franklin song. 

Immerse in the happy memories (hopefully) that your mind and heart attach to that song’s melody and lyrics. 

Consider how much the song enhanced – maybe even created – those memories, such as enjoying a first dance with your now beloved spouse, or speaking up for yourself and demanding respect.

Now imagine the memory – in silence. 

What if Aretha Franklin had been too afraid to share her beautiful gift, and kept it quiet, depriving us the joy of her music creating a soundtrack for our lives?

The sad passing of the Queen of Soul this week is reminder of what my sister Catherine and I are always saying:  share your gifts before it’s too late!

Specifically, as the creators of Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, we encourage people to chronicle their life stories – their legacies – on paper.  

Even if they have no desire to publish a memoir. 

Record your story for your family as a keepsake that your loved ones can cherish forever. 

Just as we – and future generations – will continue celebrating life and love with Aretha Franklin’s music as the soundtrack of our lives. 

She used her lifespan to record amazing repertoire of songs, and they will play forever. 

Whether your talent is writing, singing, painting, speaking, coaching – whatever your passion is! – do it!  Do it now, with gusto!

Because once that closing parentheses gets typed after your final day of life, the opportunity to share your gifts and talents is gone.  


Imagine the positive impact you can have when you find the courage to break through your fear – and release the poetry, the songs, the wise words – that help other people learn, grow, and soar into their own greatness. 

That is power!

But it can’t help anyone if it’s stuck inside you.  It will go to the grave with you. 

Thankfully, Aretha Franklin followed her calling to sing, inspire, and soothe our souls with her songs.

Even upon the day of her passing, she brought tremendous joy to me and my son.  Here in Motown, her music was playing everywhere – even in the grocery store!

As I laughed and shopped in sheer delight over being with my son who’s on a rare visit home from college, I realized some of my favorite Aretha songs were playing.  They included:

“I Knew You Were Waiting For Me,” Aretha’s duet with George Michael, along with “Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do).”

I listened to both about a hundred more times before I went to bed.

You can’t help but feel your spirit as her songs make you get up and dance around the house!   

Oh wait, one more thing. 

During the ongoing ArethaFest in the car, as we drove home from the grocery store, I told my son that when I go to heaven – hopefully on my 100th birthday – I want the memorial celebration to include a very loud, festive blast of Aretha Franklin’s “O Happy Day.”

Just as we continue to enjoy her music after her passing, I plan to celebrate mine with her — singing praise for this blessed life — to all who knew and loved me. 

That is legacy.

Don’t be afraid to leave yours.

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