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3 Reasons Why I Write Erotica and Real Talk About Relationships with my Pen Name: Sasha Maxwell

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What if you write and publish books for accomplished people in the business world… but you also write erotica novels and blog posts with raw, revolutionary talk about relationships?

You use a nom de plume for the hot stuff.

And you use your real name on the memoirs for accomplished men and women.

When I write super sexy erotica in books like Ten Men and Husbands, Incorporated, I am Sasha Maxwell.

She’s my alter ego who frees me to express what I’m thinking and feeling (and sometimes doing — ssshhh) in ways that are beyond what I typically present to the world as Elizabeth Ann Atkins.

So is using a nom de plume a cop-out?  Am I hiding behind a fake name because I’m scared to say certain things? 

No.  A lot of very successful writers use a nom de guerre: Stephen King uses one; John le Carré is one.

So here are three reasons I use a pen name to write erotica:

1)  Sasha Maxwell liberates Elizabeth Ann Atkins to speak from a different voice that’s far more sassy, defiant, bold, and graphic.  I’m not hiding because it’s not a secret that Sasha Maxwell is Elizabeth Ann Atkins.  In fact, my birth name appears on the first edition of Book One of Husbands, Inc. 

2)  My nom de plume  provides a layer of distance and anonymity between the serious memoirs that Elizabeth Ann Atkins writes and publishes for prominent people in the business world — and the hard-hitting social commentary that Sasha makes about sex and male-female relationships.

3)  The Sasha Maxwell brand distinguishes a different genre than other books in the Two Sisters Writing & Publishing bookstore.  In fact, we’ve talked about having a Sasha Maxwell “imprint” to publish erotica by other authors.  Romance writer Nora Roberts – like many authors – uses a pen name for books that she writes in another genre; she openly writes erotic thrillers as J.D. Robb.

Using a pen name adds yet another layer to my literary repertoire as a creator of novels, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, articles, and blog posts. 

Elizabeth Ann Atkins and Sasha Maxwell are one in the same; we both want to help people live louder, brighter, happier adventures in life and love.  We just have a different way of expressing it in ways that keep you entertained and inspired.

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