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And the Erotica Short Story Contest Winner is… Hot!

Hey, Erotic Writers! Want to learn how to write better erotica? Sign up for our webinar:  An Eye-Opening Guide to Writing Sex Scenes that Sizzle. Wednesday, April 24 .

Hey, Erotic Writers! Want to learn how to write better erotica? Sign up for our webinar: An Eye-Opening Guide to Writing Sex Scenes that Sizzle. Wednesday, April 24.


It’s Saturday night, and I’m at my desk, about to dive into a dozen decadent scenes of love and lust.

Two Sisters Writing asked me to serve as the guest judge for their Summer Erotica Short Story Contest. The winner gets published in their 2019 annual Anthology of International Writers.  

So after telling Two Sisters a big, loud, “Hell yeah, I’ll be the judge!” — I got myself a steaming cup of creamy coffee and some dark chocolate, and started reading.

My job was to select the winner and a runner-up, based on the quality of storytelling, content, and of course proper punctuation and grammar.

The first story was hot and fun! Zombie Apocalypse on Your Knees  — about a woman who expresses love to her knee-scraped girlfriend in a most unique, innovative, and hilarious way — became the runner-up. 

That story reminded me of the last time I judged the Two Sisters Erotica Short Story Contest; same-sex scenarios are common, and they’re not only super sensuous, but very creative. 

Speaking of creative, sometimes the slang words for private body parts can be titillating unto themselves. However, I’ve learned with my own erotica writing that you need more than a tangle of limbs to keep the reader engaged. That’s hot if you’re watching it on video, but reading about it is hard to follow. 

It’s like, okay, there’s a leg over here, a shoulder over there, a thrusting this way, and some moaning all around. That’s mechanical. I want emotion and depth.

The best love scenes go way deeper than naked skin. They’re about emotion, connection, and a spiritual vibe. 

They also have unexpected twists and turns. 

Like Captive Maiden, which reads as somewhat alarming, as if a real crime were occurring, until you discover that the villain is the husband and the kidnapped virgin is actually a married couple role-playing in their own bedroom while their small children are sleeping.

As I sipped my delicious coffee and nibbled chocolate, I savored the sensory extravaganza of every love scene.

Some of the writers – who submit their material “blind” so we never know their names until a winner is announced – are also skilled at writing stories where the lovers never actually hook up in person.

Like in “Sushi Nipple,” where a unique misunderstanding causes a rift that sparks a distant lover to mimic her foodie freakishness, which leads to a tryst. 

I loved Wedding Day — which put a provocative twist on the cheating groom cliché, as he got completely one-upped by the scheming and dominant bride.

The Natural Process by Which the Body Repairs Itself provided an empowering glimpse into how a sick woman got her groove back.

I loved reading all the stories, and I applaud all the writers who submitted their stories. It takes guts to write erotica and send it out into the world. And I love that this contest aims to showcase creative writers in an actual book. For that privilege this time around… the winner is:

Wild Horses.

Author Valerie D. West mastered a literary orchestration of several awesome elements: a married couple keeping it real hot and sexy; women having the courage to indulge their sexual attraction for each other; and two married couples enjoying deep trust and security to enjoy an erotic experience as a foursome. All that, in a unique setting to boot!

Congratulations, Valerie, you story is going around the world in the Two Sisters Anthology.

And thank you, Two Sisters, for treating me to this titillating literary romp.  When’s the next contest? 

Peace out,


©2018 Sasha Maxwell

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