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3 Reasons You Need a Book Coach

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By Elizabeth Ann Atkins

I am writing five books right now.

This requires total concentration and optimum energy in mind, body, and spirit, because the creative process taps me into supernatural energy.

As co-creator of Two Sisters Writing & Publishing, I eat, sleep, and breathe books with my sister and business partner, Catherine M. Greenspan.

Together we’ve written dozens of books, and have published nearly a dozen in the past year alone, with 10 more coming soon. We are ghostwriters and book coaches, and we write our own novels and non-fiction books.

By indulging our life passion and purpose as writers, we understand what it takes to write a book.

So here are three reasons you need a book coach.

1. You don’t know where to start.  We meet people every day who say they’ve wanted to write a book for years. However, their book thus far consists of some ideas jotted in a notebook or laptop. 

“I don’t know where to start,” they groan.

“I have so many ideas,” they say, “I just don’t know how to organize them.”

Others say, “I sit down to write, and all my brilliant ideas disappear.”

A writing coach helps you chisel a beautiful sculpture of words from that jumble of words and ideas in your head.  A writing coach helps you extract the golden nugget that becomes your focus, so you can build your book around it.  A writing coach also helps you stay focused on the most engaging message for your target audience.

2. You think don’t have the time. Our lives are super busy with work, family, hobbies, and fun. The bottom line is we all get 24 hours, and we can make time for our priorities.  But when something like writing a book feels overwhelming, it’s easy to procrastinate and watch Netflix or go hang out with friends instead of investing in an hour or two on writing.  Your book coach will help you create a writing schedule and commit to finding the discipline to sticking with it. 

3. You can’t do it alone.  If you could, you would have already written your book.  You need a push from a gentle, nurturing expert who has the expertise and experience to guide you from concept to completion.

Working with a book coach is really fun! When two minds come together, the creative synergy that sparks enables you to view your book through a fresh, invigorating lens that makes you feel excited to get it done and share your ideas with everyone, everywhere.

Your book won’t write itself. You need help, and we can be the help you need. 

Please visit to see how we can help you bring your book to life!

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