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Transform Your Life with our PowerJournal Technique!


What if you could do one simple thing every day for just 20 minutes – to transform yourself and your life in ways that make you really happy? 

We’re talking about… boosting your confidence. 

Attracting romance, adventure, and love.

Creating a business. 

Getting healthier.

Healing after a break-up or divorce. 

Relieving anxiety.

Strengthening your intuition and spirituality. 

Unleashing the power that’s been stuck inside you, afraid to come out and help you become your very best you.

Well, here’s a secret: 

You can do it!

With a writing technique that we use every day. 

It’s called PowerJournal. 

We use it as a tool to unleash our greatest power to run our business and to live our lives to the fullest and most fun potential. 

Now we want to teach you how to use journaling to write your best life.

We want to show you how to use the power of your pen to heal your pain and unleash your infinite potential. 

To do that, we created PowerJournal.Life.

It’s a lifestyle that uses writing to literally script the self and the life that you desire. 

And right now, we are inviting you to join this online writing community.  

The PowerJournal Movement is all about cultivating inner peace within ourselves, so that we can promote human harmony around the world. 

Every month, you will receive: 

  • Daily PowerJournal exercises to help you determine what your best life is and how to achieve it 
  • Daily writing prompts to inspire your 20-minute journaling
  • Membership in the private Facebook PowerJournal group so you can interact with other PowerJournalers and learn about how to use this technique to achieve goals and tap into your intuition
  • A live video conference call on impactful topics with other PowerJournalers
  • Weekly meditations videos to awaken your intuition
  • Webinars on how to use PowerJournal to change your life 
  • Webinars on specific topics such as, “PowerJournal to Lose Weight” or “PowerJournal to Heal After a Break-Up,” or “PowerJournal to Break a Bad Habit.”

You’ll also receive a journal adorned with the PowerJournal logo.

In addition, you’ll be able to attend in-person events that include PowerJournal meditation circles, as well as our PowerJournal Summits in Detroit, Michigan and Sedona, Arizona.

If you’re looking for proof that PowerJournal can have a huge impact on your life, PowerJournal Co-Creator Elizabeth Ann Atkins used journaling to help her lose 100 pounds after pregnancy in 1998.  Then when she celebrated her weight loss on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the segment that aired in July 2002  showed her journaling in the Harpo Studios.  

Elizabeth PowerJournals every day. One year, she wrote about how she wanted to celebrate her birthday: eating decadent food with a wonderful companion on a yacht with fireworks — and the experience manifest in bigger and better ways than she imagined. 

Very importantly, this writing technique uses the power of meditation — which we guide you through, step-by-step — to help you delve deep within yourself to access your most authentic truth and express it fearlessly in your journal and in your life.

We will teach you something called “intuitive writing” that will help you make decisions, strategize your life, and discover a deep knowing that guides you through the mundane details of your day and reveals the magnificent revelations about life’s purpose.

Very importantly, we are going to have FUN talking about writing while getting to know each other — and ourselves — on a transformative level. 

So… sharpen your pencils, fire up your laptop, or crack open a notebook. 

Because we are about to get to writing… and you will never be the same!

PowerJournal.Life:  a Movement that uses writing to script the self and the life that you desire.  

Please visit PowerJournal.Life to learn more about how you can be the producer, director, writer, and star of the major motion picture called Your Best Life Ever! 

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