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2 Short Story Winners - On the Plane & At the Beach


We are so happy to announce our August contest winners.

"My Mother's Rosary" by Joanne DeMieri Kennedy

I settled back into my faux-leather seat before take-off, having  my usual flying paraphernalia in easy reach: romance novel, nose drops, pills, inflatable neck pillow, and my mother’s rosary.

But when the plane had made a complete turn on its side after a minute or two of turbulence, I panicked. Plastic cups, filled with drinks, shot into the aisles and pretzel bags flew like frisbees across the cabin.  A wailing wall of prayers, obscenities, screams, resonated in our cabin in French, Italian, German and English.

"The Rescue" by Steve Carr

When the couples lay silent and still, allowing their bodies to be fried by the sun and heat, Chester ate bean sprout and tuna sandwiches and drank ice cold bottled water. He watched the woman who swam alone as she gently glided back and forth across the choppy water. She had been out in the water for a very long time and never seemed to tire from swimming to and fro within the same range of distance. He hadn’t stepped foot in the water, or even gotten very close to it, but he imagined that the water was cool enough to warrant caution about being in it for a prolonged period. Chester could swim, but he chose not to.

Maybe she’s an Olympic swimmer, he thought.

Maybe she’s a mermaid.


Catherine Greenspan