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2 Short Story Winners - Road Trippin' & Erotica


We are so happy to announce our July contest winners.

"Todd and the Big Easy" by Pilar Aurelio Munoz

For the first time, Todd grew silent, as if his metronome had stopped. He stared at a two-story brown house across the street from us and then looked earnestly at me. After some time, and without the musicality, he said, “You have to remember one thing. Nothing this beautiful comes without its price. For every one of those beautiful moments you’ve seen, there have been bad ones, worse than you can even imagine.”

"Wild Horses" by Valerie D. West

Jonathon and I returned to the tasting bar, and I excused myself to freshen up in the ladies room. Alicia stood in front of the mirror, putting a gold chain around her bare neck. Her strapless violet dress revealed cleavage, and her dark areola showed faintly. She struggled with the clasp, so of course I helped. I stood behind her, and we were still the same height. I loved Alicia.


Catherine Greenspan