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Calling All Literary Agents: Help Has Arrived

Dear Literary Agent:

Are you trying to sell books by authors who are people of color, LGBT, physically disabled, or who do not fit into traditional categories of race, gender, and culture?

We want to help.

We are Book Coaches with extensive experience in writing and publishing. And we want to help your authors write and polish their manuscripts so that you can easily sell their books to publishers.

As Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, we offer writing and mentoring services to help you and your authors get their books into a sellable format, such as:

  1. THE GREAT IDEA. Perhaps your client has a high-level concept, but can’t sell it. We use our interviewing and ghostwriting skills to help compose a captivating, unique manuscript that sells.

  2. THE PROPOSAL THAT WON’T SELL. We help re-craft and energize their message, to wow acquisitions editors who buy their books.

  3. THE ALMOST-FINISHED BOOK. We provide guidance and evaluation to help the author polish their manuscript to perfection so you can sell the project.

Our professional mission to help people tell their against-the-odds stories is our personal mission as well. As multiracial women who have never fit in, we write books about our experiences to heal ourselves and to affirm our unique space on America’s racial terrain. Then we embarked on our quest to help others do the same.

Our most recent release is amazon #1 bestseller The Making Point: How to Succeed When You're at Your Breaking Point, by Master Sergeant Cedric King, who lost his legs in Afghanistan and who now does triathlons and is a motivational speaker. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Actor/Activist Gary Sinise wrote the Forewords to this book that we ghost wrote and published.

Please see the attached press kit to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

Thank you for your consideration.


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