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What If You Could See God... Without Dying First?

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“You’re going to be reborn!”

That’s what Spirit declared as I looked up at churning gray clouds over the wind-whipped lake. I just stood there—silent, stunned, deeply disturbed—as waves crashed on rocks near my feet.

“You’re going to be reborn!”

Over the next seven years, I cried a lot. Felt sick and stuck. Struggled. Got depressed. Thought about suicide.

All the while, I was like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis within the dark confines of the chrysalis. With hard work, courage, and divine intervention, I cracked the stifling shell, and emerged to fly into the infinite possibilities of a spirit-powered life. Through this awakening, I released fears, struggles with food and fat, and many other stifling conflicts, to soar into a life of self-love, peace, and purpose.

“Elizabeth, you must teach!” Jesus told me. “You must testify loudly and fearlessly as your expression of gratitude for these miracles.”

Yes, I’ve experienced miracles amidst extraordinary two-way communication with Jesus, God, my father’s spirit, angels, ancestors, and other divine beings. This may sound fantastical. But it’s real, and you also have this power that gives you access to the cosmic energy field of life-changing knowledge.

In my new book, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life  by Elizabeth Ann Atkins, I’m teaching you how to access it, activate it, and apply it to heal, prosper, love, experience peace and joy, thrive, and be a positive influence in the world. It starts with my life story, which shows how I changed. Then I show how to Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You.

Back when I was struggling with food and fat, fears, divorce, racial identity issues, depression, and career disappointments, I wanted to empower myself on a spiritual level. But some of the information I encountered was hard to understand.

So, this book is for you if you’re eager to learn how to embark on a spiritual journey.

This book is for you if you’ve never meditated—or if you’ve tried and failed—or if you’ve never heard of a chakra, or don’t know that what you eat and drink can either deepen or dull your intuitive powers. Or maybe you know a little, but want to learn more.

This book is for you if you’re “spiritual, not religious.” Though I reference Jesus and the Bible, the messages are presented with universal application for everyone, as expressed by Mahatma Gandhi: “I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew and so are all of you.”

This book is about cultivating unconditional love and peace within yourself, so that you can “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi said.

This book—along with my in-person and online workshops, workbooks, and speaking events—can help you be that change. One simple sentence summarizes how to do that:

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10 starts with “Be still.” Get quiet, go within, and explore your mind, heart, and soul. That’s the triple gateway to connecting with the infinite power of God that’s already inside you. Your express pass through this gateway is meditation, which activates two-way communication with the spiritual energy field that’s within us and around us.

Just as you trust your cell phone’s invisible wi-fi to connect you with information and people everywhere, you can use your spirit power to access information, guidance, and insights that elevate your “believing” to a new level:


And what will you know? “That I am God.”

You may interpret “I am God” as an entity outside of yourself. And you may envision God as a male figure looking down with a scrutinizing, scornful, even punishing temperament. Please allow me to share how I encounter God in my meditations, as I am often led by my own father’s spirit. He died in 1990, but remains very much alive in spirit.

“Come,” my father said, taking my hand. In the spirit realm, my father is a very tall, powerful spirit wearing long robes and glowing with pure love, peace, and wisdom.

“I’m taking you to God,” he said as a floaty sensation fluttered through me and I ascended into the fifth dimension where I was no longer conscious of my body.

First, I saw a golden throne. Rather than witnessing a bearded man in a white robe, or any human form, I was overwhelmed with blissful peace and knowing that I was with God. And God is pure energy that appeared as an infinite, golden glow that flowed in vast streams and swirls, engulfing and permeating everything, everywhere.

Beside this indescribably huge, warm glow of love, was Jesus, who first appeared to me in 2011, and is now a constant presence in my meditations and my life.

In this one, the pure golden energy that is God emanating from the throne suddenly rolled toward me. This golden flow tapered to a point that entered the center of my abdomen, and the God energy poured into me, fusing with every cell in my body, setting me aglow from the inside out. Then this God energy exploded inside me, spraying gold sparkles brilliantly and beautifully in every direction. Like I was at the center of an exploding star.

As this occurred, I absolutely knew that I am one with Source.

God was showing me that I am the God energy.

And you are the God energy.

God is within us.

My life’s divine assignment is to teach how to allow God’s light and love to set you aglow from the inside out. This will help you attain inner peace, and feel fulfilled and prosperous by discovering and living your life purpose.

What’s the goal in doing that? To serve humanity and Mother Earth so that love and peace prevail everywhere. God is pure love. God is the Source of all creation and all being.

Our souls are individual starbursts of this God energy that is the pulse-giving life to our human bodies. If you doubt what’s keeping your heart beating, remember that a person suffering cardiac arrest is brought back to life with an electric jolt from a defibrillator.

That electricity is a starburst of God energy, which is your soul. Your soul is your true identity. Not your name, your appearance, your family’s history, your education, or your job.

When you cultivate a spiritual lifestyle, you can activate that starburst of God energy within. You can expand it, strengthen it, utilize it to maximize your potential on every level: health, love, joy, relationships, career, wealth, and what you contribute to the world.

Unfortunately, the human condition is such that fear breeds hatred; we’re taught that we’re different, superior, inferior, and separate. We ignore our intuition and our soul’s calling, and instead shape our lives on the external expectations, rules, and restrictions of our families, religions, and society.

This makes it easy for forces of evil to hijack our lives and stop us from fulfilling our divine purpose. I speak from experience; I’ve been writing this book for 16 years. Many distractions derailed my focus, leaving this book as nothing more than an icon on my computer screen for a file called, “God’s Answer Is Know.”

It sat unfinished, because the devil’s answer is “No.”

By the devil, I mean negative forces—including people, situations, and our own blocks, such as fears and bad habits—that distract us from our God-given missions to do good things for ourselves and for humanity. We have the power to eradicate war, hatred, famine, disease, discord, inequality, and injustice. We have the power to heal Mother Earth and make peace prevail.

But first we have to find it within ourselves. I am your guide on that journey, as my father baptized me and asked God to make me a Princess of Peace. Then, 44 years later, the Prince of Peace came to me and began teaching what became a spiritual curriculum that I now present to you.

As you step into your spiritual power, you will be awed by seemingly miraculous synchronicities, psychic flashes, inner peace, vitality, and better health. The light of God glowing within you will burn away your old self, and you will feel reborn with the power to serve as a change agent to help yourself, humanity, and the world.

I pray that God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life helps you ascend into an infinite you.