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7 Ways To Tune In To Your Infinite Power On My New YouTube Channel


Some things in your life are just not working anymore.

You might feel sick...



Or struggling to improve your lifestyle…

So you can enjoy your best health, happiness, and prosperity—while feeling fulfilled and influential.

But is it really possible to turn your life around and wake up one day feeling better than ever?


I’m here to tell you that I did it.

Now I’m on a mission to teach YOU how to do it, too.

And guess what?

A lot of the things you can do every day to profoundly change from the inside out—are free!

If you’ve read my new memoir, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life, then you read how I conquered fears, a miserable struggle with food and fat that included bulimia and a 100-pound weight loss, depression and suicidal thoughts, and a contentious relationship with my former husband.

I’ve also manifested many things that feel like magic and miracles.

Want to learn how?

Then you’ll love this—

I’m launching a new YouTube channel with videos teaching you how to access and activate your infinite power within. This will include videos on:

• How to meditate;

• How to journal;

• How to use rituals for manifesting;

• What to eat and not eat to raise your vibrational frequency;

• How to do certain things every day to connect with the Divine;

• How to find your life purpose;

• How to communicate with the spirit world;

I am so excited to teach you all of the above and so much more!

Wait, there’s more!

Stay tuned…

(c) 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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