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This is post #1 in a nine-part series.

By Elizabeth Ann Atkins


You know there’s got to be more than this.

You feel it in your bones.

That life should be happier.


More peaceful.

More prosperous.



Really fulfilling.

And fun!

But it’s not.

It feels like drudgery.

And the week after summer’s final holiday weekend is a sobering reminder of that.

Back to work.

Back to school.

Winter is coming.

The pressure of the holidays lurks in the near future.

As does the grim reality of another new year—reminding us that no, we didn’t make all those big changes, or achieve those goals, or live that dream we resolved to do this year.

So we just keep running on life’s treadmill that leads to nowhere but disappointment. Sometimes a surge of determination makes us sprint forward.

But then something happens to slow us down. Often it’s our own thoughts and bad habits.

And time just keeps ticking relentlessly forward, while the stale status quo continues.


What if you could finally change this?

What if you could access and activate a power within yourself—to step through a golden gateway where you’re free to become the YOU of your dreams? 

Where you hardly recognize yourself because your new way of thinking, speaking, living, and loving your life… is so much bigger and better than the angst, boredom, frustration, and emptiness that you left behind?

It’s time to step into the infinite possibilities of YOU—to make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

I’ve discovered some secrets to making this happen.  And I want to share them with you. Right now.

I know it kind of sounds like a commercial promising impossible results after you pay a lot of money and go through all kinds of complicated steps that get you zero results. 

You’ve tried that. 

We all have. 

But what I’m sharing right now is FREE. 

The only price you pay is the investment in the time and effort required to take action and implement these eight ideas. 

I practice what I preach every day. 

They don’t make life perfect.

But they sure do make it dramatically better.

And they can help you evolve into truly loving your life on every level. When you do this, it really feels like magic and miracles happen on a daily basis.

I speak from experience.

Now it’s my mission to help you learn what I know. 

To feel what I feel. 

To see the world through this new lens, to focus on the joy of now and the glorious future.

This message takes center stage in my memoir, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life.

People who’ve read my best selling book call it “life-altering” and “life-changing,” as you can see in five-star reviews on amazon.

Others say that what I’m teaching inspires profound “shifts” in their thinking, behavior, outlook, and ability to create an exciting, impactful life.

Let me tell you what that feels like.

It starts with what you don’t feel.

Sick. Worried. Guilty. Regretful. Anxious. In physical or emotional pain. Panicked. Conflicted. Sad. Lacking.

Ok, you get it. 

Too often, those words blare from the headlines we broadcast to the world about how we’re feeling today.

Well, listen to this Breaking News!

You can change Channel You, right now, and tune in to a limitless source of power, information, entertainment, and joy.  

I’m about to give you the password to log into this divine network.

Then, once you connect to this energy, you will never want to unplug, because you will surge and spark and pulse with everything that you feel is missing in your mind, body, and life right now.

Experience the Wonder of Spaciousness 

So yes, let me tell you what that feels like.

It feels like spaciousness.

I didn’t know that was a thing. 

But it’s a real phenomenon.

I discovered it one day earlier this year when I was finishing my book. 

“What is that feeling?” I asked out loud, pausing in my living room as I became aware of an openness, like I had stepped into a giant, empty room glowing with light, and I had the freedom to do anything, be anything, fill it with beautiful new people and things, and luxuriate in the peace and joy there.  

“But really, what is that feeling?” I asked myself.

The word “spaciousness” came to mind.

Amazingly, the 8 Steps that I’m about to teach you… had cleared the clutter in my mind, my emotions, my memory, my behavior, and my body.  

Stuff that once took up space—anxiety, regret, guilt, unpleasant memories, disappointment, etc.—had been released. 

It cleared my consciousness, creating space for all new good things, people, opportunities, feelings, experiences, and creativity.

It made me feel lighter.


And peaceful. 

Now I want to help you make your mind and consciousness and physical being totally void of any thought or feeling except for the peace of this moment.

Get in Flow with Spirit

That’s how I feel today—in perfect flow with spirit.  That means peaceful, grateful, joyous, and knowing that everything always works out for the highest good. 

I very well could have allowed my mind to spiral down into an abyss of worry about a sudden and very serious dilemma that occurred out of the blue.

Instead, I connected to the Divine and heard, “It will be resolved.” That “knowing” allowed me to release it and trust that a positive resolution is coming soon.

Meanwhile, I woke up with the desire to go running.

“Don’t run,” said the divine voice within. That voice is my intuition, which is how God speaks to us and through us, always providing instruction on what’s best for us.  

“Don’t go to the gym,” this voice instructed. “Take a bike ride. Go all the way to the park.”

So on this glorious day, I rode to the park, looping along the trail past trees, the swimming pool, picnics, boats, and tennis courts. Sunshine sparkled like diamonds on the lake. The air was a perfect temperature.

All the while, I was acutely conscious of Mother Nature’s beauty and the joy of bike riding.

I also stayed conscious of good vibes from: exercising to keep my body strong and healthy; savoring the sensory extravaganza of an end-of-summer day; and feeling grateful for the ability, time, and commitment to invest in my regimen to cultivate wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

After the ride, Spirit spoke through me once again: do yoga, shower, meditate, then cook salmon, sweet potatoes, and kale for lunch. During meditation, the Divine said:

“Blog about spirituality.”

So here I am.  My fingertips are dancing over the keyboard and the words are flowing out as if I’m taking dictation from the Divine.

When you get into this spiritual alignment—which I’m going to teach you how to do—everything in your waking and sleeping 24 hours feels like this.

You sleep better.  You know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. You are guided on when to take a shower, exercise, relax, socialize, run errands, enjoy pleasure, make phone calls, shop, cook, clean the house, sleep, and work. It takes the guesswork out of everything. You don’t have to force anything.  Or wonder.

Now, if this sounds rather esoteric, you’re right. Because it’s a radical departure from how we normally think and experience life.

What matters is that if you’re willing to try this new way of being, you will feel like you’re stepping out of a boring gray area of existence and soaring into a fun zone of fulfillment, prosperity, and positive influence.

And you’ll see that opening your mind and heart and life to this magic is a requirement for stepping through the golden gateway into divine alignment and spiritual empowerment.

Keep Doing Things Your Way?

Or you can just keep doing things your way.

If that were working out so well, you wouldn’t have gotten this far in the blog post.

Because you want to know the eight ways to activate your spiritual power. They work for me, every day.  In fact, as soon as I started incorporating these steps into my life, I felt immeasurably better. Instantly.

It’s like flipping a switch inside.

And shining light on the shadows that were sucking me away from my purpose, my passion, and the pleasures of life.

When you surrender to this flow, everyday moments pulse with pleasure. You notice things that you suddenly realize are beautiful or make you feel happy. Whereas before, you didn’t even notice the sensory extravaganza of life because a gloomy outlook dulled your senses and cast grayness over everything.

The blueness of the sky.

The warmth of the sunshine on your face.

The scent of flowers.

The sound of your loved ones’ laughter.

The softness of a blanket.

The relief that you paid a certain bill.

The bliss of drinking a glass of water when you’re thirsty.

The sweet, hot, creaminess of a cup of coffee or tea.

The satisfaction that you powered through your workout.

The fact that you can see, hear, breathe, talk, and walk.

The blessing of a warm, safe place to sleep at night, with food in the refrigerator, clean air and water that gets hot with the turn of a knob, modern plumbing, transportation, and a whole lot of other things that too many people wish they had.

Reveling in gratitude for these blessings is a sure-fire way to push our personal reset buttons and boost our moods.

What is Spiritual Power? 

Before I share the eight ways you can access and activate your spiritual power—and feel better—let’s talk about what that means. 

It means attuning to your highest truth, your most authentic self, and a higher power. If you don’t believe in a higher power, you can attribute this energy to your inner voice, also known as your intuition. 

If you do believe in a higher power—you may call this power God, Source, Creator, Universe, the Divine, or another word.

The point is that we all have this power within us. 

It’s invisible. 

It doesn’t speak audibly through our ears. 

It speaks through a divine voice within us. 

The problem is that as children, we’re taught to ignore our intuition or anything that we can’t see, touch, taste, smell, or hear.

We rely on our five physical senses.

Even though our “sixth sense” is more powerful than all of those combined. 

Because it allows us to experience the infinite field of knowledge all around us, that speaks to us through the divine voice within. 

Obeying The Divine Voice Within

“Don’t go to the grocery store,” this voice within me repeated over and over one evening last week after I left an acting class. “Go home.”

I really wanted to go to the store and pick up some avocados for my green drink in the morning.  

“Don’t go to the grocery store,” I heard as I turned off the freeway and drove toward the market. 

“Don’t go to the grocery store,” Spirit repeated as I veered into the busy parking lot after dark. 

Yay, there’s a parking space right by the front door, I thought, pulling between two vehicles. 

“Don’t go to the grocery store,” Spirit repeated. 

Suddenly out of nowhere, an aggressive man approached my car.  He looked angry and was motioning for me to roll down the window. 

“Don’t go to the grocery store,” Spirit said as I quickly reversed the vehicle and pulled away from the man. 

That voice was warning me, protecting me. 

I ignored it. 

Thankfully, I fled that situation unscathed. 

The point here is that when we listen and are obedient to the divine voice within, we’re protected and even rewarded.

“Go to the dinner party,” Spirit encouraged after friends invited me to a gathering at a chic restaurant. 

I could have easily said, “No, I want to stay home and get my work done.” 

Instead, I followed Spirit’s guidance and attended the dinner.  There I met a prominent business person who hired me to write a book about their extraordinary life. That honor and pleasure are the reward for obeying divine guidance. 


Knowing Information That Feels Psychic

When you activate your spiritual power, it’s like tuning in to your own personal radio frequency and TV channel that are broadcast from the Divine. Before this happens, we hear and see static, or get jumbled flashes that are obscured by anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, external stimulation, and the endless chatter of our minds. 

However, when you dial into Source, which knows everything that ever was, is, or will be, it’s like opening a giant database where you can ask questions and get answers.

Like today, when I asked about the sudden dilemma that could easily trigger an onslaught of major worries.  But it didn’t, because the Divine said, “It will be resolved.” And that knowledge allowed me to release it and just know that a positive resolution is on the horizon. 

I have learned to trust this kind of guidance because it’s happened many times. 

“He received the fax,” I heard one Sunday evening when I faxed a confidential document to a client at his office where I feared it could get picked up by the wrong person.  I couldn’t reach my client to confirm his receipt of the fax. I could have easily worried all night. 

“I got it last night,” he told me Monday morning. 

Thankfully, I trusted the Divine’s message and did not spend the evening anxious about it. 

“He’s safe,” the Divine told me when I heard reports of an active shooter on the college campus where my son attends school. 

When you receive this kind of information—especially during moments of fear and worry—it feels psychic because you have no other way to confirm its accuracy. 

Learning to trust this Divine messaging is part of the process. It’s one of the best perks of spiritual empowerment.  And I want to show you how to access this flow of information. 

Receiving Constant Guidance About Life 

Another way that spiritual empowerment manifests in your life is that it provides constant guidance. It takes the guesswork out of everything, and allows you to rely on a personalized GPS to navigate your life. Spirit can see into your future, and knows what steps are best for you to take to get there with optimum health and success.

So it will provide step-by-step directions. All you have to do is listen and follow them. These steps can be as simple as what to wear today… or as monumental as whom to marry, which house to purchase, and what major career moves to make.

Getting Healthier

When you tune in to the divine voice within, and activate your spiritual power, it will inspire you to cultivate wellness in mind, body, and spirit. 

You’ll develop a new consciousness and appreciation that your physical being is the vessel in which your spirit lives during this lifetime, so you’d better pamper it to make it last as long as possible. That means eating healthier foods, exercising, and creating a spiritual practice to strengthen your connectivity to the Divine. 

Consider the Consequences of NOT Maximizing Your Greatest Potential

A major motivation to continue cultivating a strong connection with the Divine is a burning desire to be and do your best in this lifetime. 

I believe that God endowed us with an assignment that we are obligated to execute to the best of our ability. 

For me, that assignment is to serve as an example and teach all that the Divine has taught me about spiritual empowerment. It is especially important to introduce these ideas and practices to people who want to learn, but don’t know where to start.

So I practice what I teach, as a walking, talking example of how spiritual empowerment can transform you from the inside out and help you achieve your dreams. 

I’m doing that by: 

  • raising my son; 

  • writing 33 books with many more in the works;

  • creating Two Sisters Writing & Publishing with my sister, Catherine M. Greenspan; 

  • co-hosting an award-winning, weekly TV show;

  • being super healthy and fit;

  • being the best possible mother, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, and citizen; and 

  • making positive contributions to the world through the written and spoken word.

You, too, are making a contribution to the world. What more can you do? What do you feel called to do?

If I’m ever tempted to slack off, I consider the consequences of failing at any of the above. I think about the misery I left behind: battling food and fat; feeling depressed; having suicidal thoughts; struggling in wrong relationships; feeling like a failure in my career; being distracted from my highest goals; and engaging in other self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. 

Thankfully, a spiritual awakening lifted me up and out of that and put me on a path of wellness, fulfillment, and success. 

Anything less is not an option. 

So now it’s my goal to help you attain this mindset, which will open that golden gateway where you can make the rest of your life, the best of your life. 

I’m going to do this by sharing eight ways that you can access and activate your spiritual power. 

I call this process Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You. You can read an expanded version in the last section of God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life

You can also take my eight-week Spiritual Transformation Program, which includes one-on-one coaching to help you step into your spiritual power.

And you can get started by reading tomorrow’s post: How to Chart Your Course for Your Spiritual Journey.