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I fell in love with this green moss agate crystal.

I’m calling it my Prosperity Mother Earth Heart.

This type of crystal promotes prosperity, and it looks like a heart-shaped planet Earth as if you are looking down from heaven.

This crystal literally gave me chills when I discovered it in Sedona, Arizona.

Here’s the story:

The last time Catherine and I came to Sedona, we went into a beautiful crystal shop eager to discover and purchase some sparkly keepsakes that would radiate mystical powers.

But the store was so overwhelming with bright colors and sparkles drawing our attention from every direction, we only window shopped and left without buying anything.

So when we returned six months later for another Atlas Collective Retreat with our Business Coach Leisa Peterson, we were thrilled when she invited a crystal expert to teach our group of 15 entrepreneurs about how certain crystals provide specific qualities.

“How do you know which one to select?” we asked.

“The crystal will speak to you,” said Debra Burton, who runs an online crystal business. “You’ll know.” She explained that every crystal has a vibrational frequency that can heal and attract certain qualities, deflect negativity, and amplify certain characteristics.

And as she talked about crystals that attract prosperity and abundance, she passed around specific crystals for us to touch and feel. One included a large, pink heart made of calcite. As I held the stone in my hands, it called to me.

“Get this one,” my soul whispered. I didn’t want to put it down. I just held it in my palms as Debra talked and gazed into its beautiful mauve-pink-white-marbled beauty.

“I want to buy that one,” Catherine announced, pointing to the stone I was holding. I immediately felt a gust of love for my sister and wanted it for HER, not me.

“I’m buying the heart for Catherine,” I told Debra, handing over the cash. Then I was thrilled to read that the crystal enhances writers’ creativity!

“Place it on the selenite block to cleanse its energy,” Debra instructed.

“No,” Catherine said, “I wanted that heart because as it went around the room and everyone was holding it in their hands, and it absorbed the energy of everyone here.”

Meanwhile, Debra told us that green moss agate is a prosperity crystal. If you put some in your wallet, and in other places, it will attract money. She passed around some examples, but none spoke to me. She invited us to her studio where she has 14,000 crystals and stones that she buys from around the world and sells online.

Sunday after the retreat, Catherine and I and two other women went to her boutique, whose walls are lined with shelves full of boxes holding ziplock baggies of crystals.

“I feel so happy here!” I marveled.

“You feel the energy of the crystals,” Debra said. “It’s powerful and healing.”

I perused the shelves, then pulled a baggie labeled “Green Moss Agate,” knelt on the floor and opened it. The stones were heart-shaped. One that was jade green with some bluish streaks, drew my attention. I pulled it from the bag. Placed it in my left palm, and felt an electric jolt through my whole body.

Tears filled my eyes.

“Why am I crying over a rock?” I asked Catherine and two other women who had joined us from the retreat.

They laughed. So did it.

But the intense emotion coursing through me was real and overwhelming.

As I gazed at the heart-shaped green moss agate crystal, I realized that the blue and whitish streaks swirling around the dark green and blue areas where like the view of the earth from outer space.

A heart-shaped earth, as it looks from the heavens.

My father asked God to make me a “Princess of Peace,” when he baptized me in the hospital room the day after I was born.

The crystal represents spreading love around the world through the written and spoken word to execute my divine mission as a Princess of Peace.

The crystal’s power is to attract prosperity, and I keep it near me in my home, resting on a large beautiful calcite crystal that clears negativity and amplifies the power of my Prosperity Mother Earth Heart.

The “rock” made me cry because of its deep symbolism. Its vibrational frequency of pure love pulsed through me, and my prosperity enables me to enrich everyone around the world.

Finding my Prosperity Mother Earth Heart was a magic moment that made a deep imprint on my soul and amplified my commitment to cultivate human harmony through the written and spoken word.

May you enjoy a magic moment that fills you with joy and inspiration today.

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