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FOOD: Savoring Healthy Tomato Soup with Salmon

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Want something hot, hearty, and healthy?

Try my tomato soup combinations. I’m liable to toss anything into a pot of Trader Joe’s organic, no-salt marinara sauce.

Sometimes I heat some up, add garlic, fresh basil, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil, and voilà! An amazing soup that’s low-cal, high-health, and very filling.

Other days I add baked chicken chunks… or lima beans… or black beans.

It’s all good, but the combo I made the other day was extraordinary.

I tossed in chunks of pan-seared salmon, fresh-cut garlic, and fresh basil.

After it simmered to marry the flavors, I poured it over a bowl filled with fresh spinach.

Of course the spinach wilted to the perfect texture.

Then I drizzled extra virgin olive oil over this delicious creation, and savored every spoonful. The flavorful tomato base absorbed into the already tender salmon, and it was simply delectable.

It was quick (the salmon was already cooked).

It was healthy.

It was filling.

And it was super delicious!

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